Full Perspex Acrylic Lightbox Signs

At iSpace, we understand the importance of visibility for your brand. Lightboxes are the most widely-used signs, as a result of their simplicity, cost-effectiveness and impact. Our custom-made light boxes draw attention day and night, functioning as effective signage that is both impactful and long-lasting. illuminated signs draw attention at night when other signs cannot be seen, attracting passes by and encouraging foot traffic, and also function as very effective signage during daylight. 

Immerse your brand in the sophistication of our custom-made full acrylic lightbox, designed to evoke a clean icicle appearance. The edges of this exquisite lightbox are meticulously accentuated, creating a mesmerising illumination that gives the impression of a floating, glowing beacon with a distinct and heightened presence. Picture a signage masterpiece where the edges play a vital role, a modern solution that not only captivates with its luminosity but also boasts a seamless design that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal. Our full translucent light box creations are not just illuminated signs; they are visual statements.  

The distinguishing feature of these light boxes lies in their construction material – the all acrylic advantage. Unlike traditional sign boxes that incorporate visible frames, joins, or edges in metal, the complete sign box system is crafted entirely from acrylic. Glowing in both faces and edges the entire box is bathed in light, creating a stunning visual effect with no visible seams or edges. This seamless design is achieved without the use of aluminium or metal, thereby increasing brightness and providing a contemporary edge to the signage. If you prefer a sleek, one-colour fully lit glowing light-box source, our perspex light boxes are designed to shine bright and remain vibrant and effective for extended time periods. 

One of the standout features of full perspex acrylic light boxes is their uniform illumination. With outstanding consistency of colour transmission, these light boxes offer a unique visual impact. This results in a clean, clinical look that exudes modernity and professionalism. These light boxes are purposefully designed to be placed under awning overhangs, offering a sleek and unobtrusive appearance. 

The clean lines and seamless integration of illumination transform this lightbox into a visual symphony, resembling a luminous, smooth and continuous visual experience, floating like a light beacon. The accentuated presence ensures that your brand not only stands out but also captivates with an ethereal and modern charm. At iSpace, we manufacture custom light boxes of all sizes, from under awnings to prominent wall placements, these light boxes are the ideal way to showcase your brand's visual identity, internally illuminated by cost-effective fluorescent T5 tubes or led lighting, ensuring energy efficiency and long-lasting brilliance. The design ensures a seamless and uniform distribution of light, enhancing the overall visual impact, resulting in a “blank canvas”signage masterpiece that leaves a lasting impression with edge to edge illumination. Crafted with precision and featuring translucent vinyl graphics, these light boxes are attention-grabbing and fully customisable.

With vinyl applied to an opal perspex face, these light boxes are perfect for stores with passing traffic, offering a clean finish with no visible fixings from the outside. Complete with digitally printed translucent graphics ,and with opal acrylic, these light boxes are tailored to your specifications. The versatility of full perspex acrylic light boxes extends to their illumination options. Businesses can opt for many colour temperature, illuminations from warm light 3000K to 8000k daylight white light, adding a welcoming and inviting glow to their signage. 

Add an element of class and sophistication with custom-made lettering on full perspex light boxes. For a distinctive look ,a more premium result add a touch of dimension to your signage with custom light boxes featuring raised fabricated lettering. Consider our custom-made 3D letters and logos available in a large variety of material finishes, in various sizes, type styles mounted onto the full perspex box. The contrast between the full white box with 3d lettering creates a “Wow” factor. The letters and logos seamlessly integrate into the acrylic surface, giving the signage a professional and polished appearance. This particular aesthetic is highly recommended for businesses aiming to make a bold statement with their storefront. The result is a three dimensional lettering, adding an increased visually striking effect that puts retail stores at the forefront of your competitors. 

The placement needs to be under a protective overhang to ensure longevity and preserve the pristine look of the acrylic light boxes. Our patented design, facilitates easy innovative maintenance of the lightbox. The hidden top mounting system allows clients to open the lightbox effortlessly for any necessary adjustments or replacements.

In the competitive world of business, visibility is key. The ever-evolving landscape of retail and commercial spaces, the need for eye-catching signage has never been more critical. Businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to stand out and draw attention to their storefronts. Our full acrylic light-boxes grabs attention but also adds a touch of sophistication to your brand.  

iSpace ensures that all signs are finished to the highest standards, providing expert advice, from design all the way through to installation, call us today. 


Full acrylic light-box with satin aluminium face and translucent logo


Clear acrylic 3D logo on a full acrylic lightbox with translucent vinyl


Full illuminated lightbox style faces illuminated with a centre metal box


Acrylic illuminating signage with green translucent vinyl details


Fabricated white box style letters mounted to a full acrylic light-box


Translucent pink vinyl wrapped full acrylic lightbox with aluminium face


Unique shaped customised sign into a full acrylic illuminated feature sign


ice white clinical lightbox with digitally printed vinyl graphic


Direct wall mounted full acrylic glowing lightbox sign


Full acrylic lightbox in manufacture stage in our factory


Multi-colour vinyl edges on a full acrylic illuminated sign


Digitally printed detailed graphics applied to a full acrylic lightbox


Four fabricated full acrylic light-boxes in our finishing department


Full acrylic lightbox face being mounted and in production


Ceiling mounted ice white full acrylic illuminated lightbox

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