Standard Style Lightbox illuminated Signs

Light boxes signs are designed to enhance your company's image and identity, creating an eye-catching glowing representation of your brand adding credibility, and drawing customer awareness to captivate audiences. Light-boxes are the most widely-used signs, as a result of their simplicity. Standard light boxes are a popular, cost-effective way to draw attention day and night. 

At iSpace, with our personalised service, manufacture custom-made light boxes to your size requirements, in various shapes, and colour finishes, catering to both indoors and outdoors, ideal for under awning illuminated signs on retail shopfronts. Our standard light-box signs are available as single or double-sided for maximum visibility. These units incorporate visible frames in metal, mainly constructed of standard aluminium extrusions creating light-box frames. These illuminated signs, made from aluminium,with internally illuminated back lighting incorporating fluorescent T5 tubes or vibrant led lighting, ensure energy efficiency. 

This design creates a neat-looking sign, particularly at night when the full face of the illuminated sign glows. The main feature is the full glowing faces while the edges remain non-illuminated so the emphasis is on the panel illuminating with an increasing brightness. The whole idea with a lightbox is to achieve a uniform distribution of light illumination, with outstanding consistency of colour transmission, these light boxes offer a strong visual impact. When the face does not look evenly illuminated it’s called “hot spots''. The way we ensure the lighting is even is we use different depths and material thicknesses when constructing the boxes.

We then powder coat the aluminium to the desired colour, designed to last outdoors for an extended period of time. The frames need to withstand wind-loads by prioritising the metal reinforcements. Businesses can opt for many colour temperatures, from warm white light 3000K to 8000k daylight. Our signs are built to last, with a rust-proof design that ensures they will not break-down over time. We also offer different mounting options, directly to the ceiling or with hanging pole fixtures. Designed for user-friendly maintenance, the light-box can be opened effortlessly for any necessary adjustments or replacements. These illuminated signs can be installed on a timer if required to turn on at certain times. 

Standard style outdoor lightbox, featuring an opal acrylic panel with translucent vinyl graphics applied to opal acrylic face inserts. Or complete with full colour digitally printed translucent graphics often when there’s colour blending in the graphics, these light boxes are tailored to your specifications. If you require an extra element of class and sophistication for a distinctive look ,a more premium result add a touch of dimension to your signage with custom light boxes featuring raised 3d lettering. Consider our custom-made 3D letters and logos available in a large variety of material finishes, in various sizes, type styles mounted onto the standard lightbox frame.  This particular aesthetic is highly recommended for businesses aiming to make a bold statement with their storefront. The result is three dimensional letterings and logos adding an increased visually striking effect that puts retail stores at the forefront of their competitors. 

The standard light-boxes look fantastic when used as storefront bulkhead illuminated signs, creating a very large shop front light box stretching the entire shopfront making a powerful statement. For maximum exposure to advertise your brand dynamically, featuring LED flashing lights around the perimeter of the lightbox are popular for gaming venues. These tailor-made signs are also very prominent in hospitality venues, and for hospitals and medical centres. 

iSpace, backed by 27 years of excellence with numerous signage awards ensures a hassle-free process. We provide expert advice and specialised knowledge to designing and installing illuminated signage, according to regulations regarding clearance heights, as well as a installation services through licensed electricians and network of installers Australia-wide, 


Under awning lightbox sign with translucent graphics

Designed with excellent quality, to illuminate your message and to capture a viewers attention quickly. From dusk till dawn, light up your brand with a luminous lightbox sign that steals the spotlight. Clear and concise messaging, along with easily understandable graphics, contributes to the effectiveness of the signage.


Brightly illuminated lightbox with vinyl graphics

Signs speak louder than words – especially with a lightbox which catch eyes and turn heads, a lightbox sign commands attention and shapes experience's. Visibility is the key to success in business lighting up the world of advertising your message. 


Extra-large shopfront lightbox creating a bold entrance

Transform your space with illuminated signage. In creating a large lightbox it's important to make sure the perspex face panel is one piece of material with no joins. Our signs lead the way to your success with a messages that resonate – that’s the power of a lightbox.


Square shape as a feature outdoor lightbox sign

In the world of signs, a lightbox is the luminary of communication. On this lightbox the graphics were mounted to the inside of the clear acrylic face to capture a complete lightbox with a very polished appearance. Using the power of a brand sometimes helps in adding attention to the services your business provides. Let your message glow with a lightbox sign. 


Matching lightbox face with powder coated frame colour

Brighten your brand's path with a radiant lightbox sign. An exterior large lightbox informs and conveys a message to the viewers. illuminate your message with a clear concise graphic, captivate the audience with a content-rich lightbox sign and remember that sometimes less or more. A viewer only has a few seconds to digest the visual. 


Ceiling hanging and suspended light-box sign

illuminate your message,   Crafting impressions with every sign, from concept to installation at iSpace we have you covered. Using black and white is an excellent choice when contrasting graphics. Black and white also stands as smart selection as it does not go out of fashion quickly. 


Under awning illuminated gaming signage with flashing LED's

We provide an end-to-end services, from design, consultation, full manufacture through to installation of custom signs. Ensuring your business signs are made with a commitment to premium quality. Experience is a valuable asset in ensuring the successful execution of your intended vision.


Seamlessly matching the graphic panel to the exterior metal light-box

Consistency is key to building a strong brand identity. Light-box signage should align with your brand's colour scheme, typography, and overall design elements. This consistency reinforces your brand identity and helps build brand recognition over time. A cohesive visual presence creates a sense of trust. 


Square shaped light up sign box wall mounted

First impressions matter, and exterior light-box signage is often the first visual encounter individuals have with your business and need to be memorable. A well designed and implemented outdoor light-box sign not only conveys professionalism but also communicates your brand personality, values, and message.


Widely used by all industries Light-boxes are a powerful tool

Premium outdoor illuminated signage serves as a visual ambassador for your business, creating a professional and polished image that reflects positively on your brand and elevates your storefront. The exterior signage of your office or storefront is often the first point of contact for potential clients and customers and needs to be taken seriously. 


illuminated Red Lightbox in Bronte, Sydney Australia

Using translucent vinyl for the graphics is vital to get maximum exposure from the illuminated sign creation. While creating a professional atmosphere, a well-designed and high-quality sign communicates a commitment to excellence and attention to detail, instilling confidence in the minds of those who interact with your business. 


Wall mounted light-box illuminated sign

The significance of lightbox illuminated signage is an essential investment that not only serves as a visual representation of your company but also plays a crucial role in leaving a lasting impression on clients, partners, and employees. Investing in premium signage contributes to brand visibility enhancing the company's visual identity. 


Real metal 3d lettering applied to the light-box faces

Businesses should focus on the following key features to achieving the desired end result which includes choices in materials, substrates, metal finishes, metal colours and high-tech manufacturing techniques. Design elements can totally change the outcome of the light-box and how it communicates to the viewer.  


3d opal acrylic raised letters on a standard light-box

What distinguishes our sign products is our meticulous attention to detail in the finished products visible appearance. This process involves welding, treating, sanding, spraying and final top coating of the logo and letters to perfection. The finish of each of our illuminated sign creations looks like a 3d piece of art.


Side bracket mounted light-box sign

iSpace creates exquisite custom business signage making impactful statements. Whether you're a global corporation or a local business, iSpace is your go-to partner bringing fanciful creations to life. Let us turn your vision into reality and set your business apart with unmatched illuminated signage. 


Direct to ceiling mounted illuminated light-box sign

The iSpace team is driven by passion and purpose, ensuring every illuminated signage project builds your brand and corporate identity. Each lightbox piece is individually manufactured encompassing custom-made or digitally printed graphics creating a visually striking and highly customisable display.


Digitally printed graphics on this light-box

Catering to top brands for both illuminated and fascia signage, iSpace distinguishes itself by providing custom tailor-made signage solutions. The company boasts skilled designers, experienced craftsmen, and artisans operating in a modern factory, producing top-tier signage solutions for diverse industries. 


Ligh-box ceiling hung with dropdown poles

With outdoor illuminated signs our focus remains on precision sign manufacturing, providing clarity and effective identification solutions. iSpace, as a provider, delivers comprehensive services, crafting tailor-made illuminated signs for clients throughout Australia, from initial concept to the final installation.


Standard light-box mounted using square shaped droppers

We stay ahead of the curve by incorporating the latest technology in sign manufacturing, having the latest and most advanced manufacturing equipment and machinery in the signage industry. We have a proven track record with satisfied clients as well as having won numerous awards for our outstanding creations in signage creation. 


3 Under awning light-boxes installed at the Collaroy Hotel

iSpace created three exquisite custom illuminated business signage for the Collaroy Hotel making an impactful statement as you drive by the hotel's roadside frontage. We ensure that all our illuminated signage projects incorporates to use of high-quality materials that are durable, weather-resistant, and capable of maintaining their aesthetic appeal over long periods of time.


3D logo in a opal perspex mounted to the translucent face panels

These vibrant and attractive signs have been brightening spaces for decades, handcrafted by skilled artisans with their unique glow, our illuminated signs make a bold statements, lighting up spaces across Australia. 


Fabricated Metal with a brushed finish in Brass

Businesses can have their logos or specific messages created to reflect their brand identity, in this situation the client wanted to highlight the boarder, and have a contrasting black and white graphic for a day and night signage solution. Creating a stunning visual impact adding brilliance to their boutique store located on Bronte Road, Queens Park. 


Large illuminated push through style graphics illuminated

Where design meets precision in signage creation, from concept to installation at iSpace we craft light-boxes to perfection. Our 3d push through lettering crafting luminous narratives made Sydney West Aesthetics look the part. Our signature light-boxes merge design, precision manufacturing to capture brilliance in signage illumination. 


Large wall mounted light-box with no joins in the face panel.

Bespoke brilliance in every detail – from design concept to final installation, our light-boxes redefines the quality of the signage in and around Sydney. Raising the standard of the industry with our award winning capabilities illuminating your brand with bespoke light-box signage.


Digital printed graphics capturing a blending in the colour graphic

Understanding and making sure you capture every detail which in some cases involves digitally printing a graphic onto a special light-box vinyl substrate which is then applied to the opal acrylic panel. This allows an excellent amount of light to shine through the light-box faces. Our bespoke light-boxes tell your story through meticulous design, expert manufacturing craftmanship. 


Testing light-boxes for at least 24 hours to ensure safety

Light-boxes blend innovation, precision, and artistry. Our signage light-boxes embody design ingenuity and manufacturing excellence to ensure we meet a certain level of quality. Your brand deserves to shine bright in a superb manner, by adding a colourful touch to illuminating signs reaching your marketing goals and promoting your business around the clock. 


Horizontal light-box installed under exposed roof section

We specialise in bespoke signage light-boxes meticulously designed, expertly manufactured, and seamlessly installed for lasting impact. We understand that some businesses are only starting out and have limited budgets opting for an entry level illuminated light-box sign, we cater for all types of illuminated sign solutions.   


Large pylon signage with involves light-boxes

 Reflecting your business branding with outdoor signs has become paramount in Australia. Clubs and Pubs across Australia know and realise the power of using signage to bring customers through the doors. Beer companies have been spreading there brand's via the use of signage for decades where it's become almost second nature to see prominent brands displayed on main roads. 


illuminated graphics using a special 3m translucent vinyl

Notice how the brackets which hold the lightbox to the ceiling are at different lengths - this is often required in order to make sure the illuminated sign is hanging at a straight horizontal level. Transform your message into a beacon of brilliance with our end-to-end signage lightbox solutions. 


Light-boxes widely used in the hospitality sector

An illuminated lightbox beckons diners with its captivating glow. Strategically placed to capture attention, this illuminated creation showcases vibrant visuals that attract peoples senses. Acting as a magnetic centrepiece, the lightbox effortlessly merges aesthetic appeal with functionality, setting the mood and drawing patrons into a dining experience that promises to be as memorable as it is visually stunning.


Light-box being used as multiples to draw attention

In the realm of visual cues, the power of three holds undeniable allure. At this car wash site in St Leonards, three meticulously positioned illuminated light-boxes don't just illuminate pathways but also ignite intrigue. Drawing on psychological insights, studies reveal that when messages are echoed in triplicate, they resonate deeper within the subconscious, triggering an unmistakable allure and curiosity. Here, these lightboxes aren't mere decorations; they're a strategic symphony designed to captivate, leaving an indelible imprint long after the first glance.


Inside the Light-box frame is the fluorescent lighting with ballasts

Within the sleek contours of a lightbox, fluorescent lights come to life, casting a crisp, luminous glow that captivates onlookers. Their brightness not only elevates the visual appeal but also carries with it the promise of durability and longevity. Maintenance becomes an essential act of preserving light-box signage. Ensuring the continued brilliance of these lights demands care, from periodic bulb replacements to monitoring electrical components.


Graphic icons become recognised as a brands identity

In the landscape of outdoor signage, there exists a profound language of symbols, an eloquence that transcends words. Consider the iconic golden arches of McDonald's or the siren mermaid of Starbucks; these symbols are more than logos; they are visual narratives, instantly evoking memories, and cravings. In the absence of descriptions, these graphic symbols communicate volumes, encapsulating brand ethos and narratives in singular, unforgettable visuals. It's a testament to design's potency: when crafted with clarity and intent, a simple emblem can speak a thousand words, forging connections that words alone could never achieve.

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