Neon Signs

Neon signs and Neon Lights are made using a process that involves bending glass tubes into various shapes and filling them with gases to produce the characteristic glowing effect. The most common noble gas that is used is neon hence the name, ‘neon signs’. A neon light consists of a sealed glass tube that has electrodes and is filled with a noble gas. The general principle of how a neon sign works is electric current flows from the power supply to the electrodes in the glass tube. The molecules of the gas in the tube get activated as electric current flows and emit light. Neon light is emitted from the ‘sparks’ of these molecules vibrating against each other.

How Neon Lights and Neon Signs are made:

Design: The process starts with designing the sign, including the layout of the letters, shapes, or images that will form how the neon fits into the overall sign design. 

Glass Tubing: The next step involves creating the glass tubing that will make up the sign. Glass is a fragile material. Typically, the glass used is clear or coloured, and it comes in straight lengths. Neon lights are made using soft lead glass tubes in 1200mm lengths.  The glass is heated and bent into the desired shapes by skilled artisans using a process called glass blowing or glass tube bending. The glass processing proceeds as follows: 

Cleaning: The glass tubes are cleaned to ensure neon light maximum clarity. What makes neon signs glow so brightly is the phosphor coating. Some neon light manufacturers may tint the glass tubing with colour. Not all neon lighting glass tubes are coated in phosphor or colour. It is a technique mostly used to bring about a glowing effect or produce interesting colours of neon light. This is made possible by the fact that phosphor coatings are available in different colours.

Electrodes: Electrodes are attached to each end of the glass tubing. An electrode is a conductor that is used to create a circuit through the noble gas in a neon glass tube. These electrodes are usually made of metals like iron which is a good conductor of electricity. The core of the electrode is encased in glass but each electrode has 2 conductor wires that extend outside the glass casing. The tip of the electrode facing outside the glass tube is connected to the power supply source. When the power source is turned on, a current flows through the electrode and into the molecules of the noble gas inside the neon glass tube. Electrodes are attached on the bent shaped glass before the glass tube is filled with gas.

Evacuation the glass tubes:  The air inside the glass has to first be evacuated to remove impurities out of the glass tube in order to be filled with pure noble gas, Otherwise, it would ‘dilute’ and yield poor neon lighting. The process used to evacuate the air from the glass tubing is referred to as ‘bombarding’. It occurs as follows: The air in the glass tube is evacuated until the inside of the glass is a vacuum. Dry air is introduced into the glass to build pressure. Depending on the length of the tubing, an electric current of about 400-750 milliamperes is run through the electrodes and into the glass. It heats the tubing to over 204 degrees celsius. The electrode in the glass tube is equally heated to over 371 degrees celsius. The tube is once again evacuated into a vacuum below 10 torrs. Noble gases have the same overall characteristics but they are not identical, because of this reason, each of them is filled with a unique pressure. The amount of pressure used also depends on the diameter of the glass tube; the larger the diameter, the more the pressure required. Different noble gases are used to produce different colours of neon lighting. Neon produces red-orange hues. Argon is used to make light blue neon signs. 

Filing the gas: The gas-filled neon light glass tube is slowly heated and then allowed to cool on its own. This process is known as annealing. Annealing is equally vital in ensuring that the gas properly settles into the glass tubing. As the tube is heated, it expands and the gas has a chance to spread evenly. As a result, the lighting in the glass tube will likely be consistent throughout the entire length of the tubing. When the gas is filled into the glass tube, and the level of pressure is right, the tube is sealed by heating the tubular port on the electrode until it shuts. Over 100 colours of neon lights can be realised by combining different noble gases and different glass tube coatings.

Sealing: Once the tubes are filled with gas, the ends are sealed. The sealing process ensures that the gas remains inside the tube.

Testing: With all components in place and the glass tubing ‘de-stressed’ and cooled, the neon light would be ready for testing. The power source is turned on to deliver electric current and soon the neon light should begin to glow. The completed tubes are tested to ensure they are airtight and that the gas inside is at the correct pressure. This is crucial for the proper functioning of the sign.

Mounting and Wiring: The tubes are mounted onto a backing board or frame according to the design, and the wiring is connected to the electrodes. The wiring is designed to provide the electrical current necessary to ionise the gas inside the tubes.

Final Assembly: The final assembly involves putting all the components together, securing the electrical connections, and making any final adjustments to the placement of the tubes.

Installation: Once the neon sign is fully assembled and tested, it can be installed at its intended location. Neon signs are often mounted on walls, storefronts, or other prominent locations.

Neon signs have been popular for decades due to their vibrant colours and distinctive appearance emitting a unique coloured lighting that glows which is near impossible to achieve with other forms of lighting. While LED technology has become more prevalent in recent years, neon signs continue to be appreciated for their unique aesthetic. 

With 27 years of expertise, iSpace has perfected the art of manufacturing neon signs, creating masterpieces for top brands globally.  


Neon Lights

Neon signage is meticulously crafted and assembled in a dazzling array of coloured light, emanating from our state-of-the-art glass-blowing neon plant. This neon sign in production phase made using coloured phosphor coated neon glass manufactured in iSpace state-of-art factory. 


Meticulous craftsmanship on this commercial neon sign

Neon glass used in illuminating the art of light, neon signs are often associated with a retro or vintage aesthetic, and they can add a nostalgic feel to a space. This particular neon sign has a full clear acrylic casing protecting the neon glass tubes from vandalism. 


Neon glass tubing set inside reverse pan fabricated letters

Neon signs are commonly used for commercial purposes, especially in restaurants, bars, theatres, and retail stores. They are effective for attracting attention creating a unique and memorable atmosphere. An advantages of neon signage is its ability to be highly customisable.


Creative neon artwork using a single colour with design brilliance

Neon signage is often used as a form of artistic expression. Neon artists create intricate designs and shapes, and neon signs can be found as art installations, inside galleries and public spaces. With 27 years of neon art experience iSpace has an advantage over other industry players having completed hundreds of neon artworks. 


Custom created neon sign for Sony International pictures

Neon lighting captivates with attention-grabbing brilliance in signage. This "purple neon glass" has a double coated glass meticulously used to craft these vibrant colours, in our state-of-the-art glass-blowing neon plant. iSpace created stunning neon signs that have visual impact and brightening spaces across Australia.


Neon sign located in the famous Kings Cross, Sydney

From humble glass tubes set inside metal reverse fabricated letters to form a glowing masterpiece with a retro feel. This neon sign incorporates flashing led lighting as an extra attention grabbing feature. The journey of a neon sign is a captivating blend of art and technology, bringing brilliance to our everyday surroundings.


Artwork displaying extremely complexed detailed neon glass bending

Neon signage goes beyond illumination. It's a form of artistic expression especially when you understand the nuance's of the medium. This neon artwork resulted in creativity with a "wow" factor showcased in a museum, due to it's complexity in twirling the green coated neon glass while keeping to the original pattern design, in capturing the iconic Lacoste logo. 


Unique neon artwork creating a crisp face illustration

Crafting neon signs involves meticulous artistry involving glass bending and glass blowing techniques with precision, manually hand bending glass straight tubes over open flames, then adding electrode attachment and pumping argon gas into the white glass tubes. Skilled glassblowers use touch and feel for precision, turning humble glass tubes into glowing custom-made masterpieces. 


Clear acrylic hanging see-through window neon sign with 3d letters

When you want to maintain vision and full light transparency in a retail store the use of a clear reverse style box is crafted to house the 3d lettering with the neon tubing. Designed to sit onto the non-illuminated 3d characters acts as a daytime and night-time signage solution. The neon tubes bounce the colours with an increased intensity off the 3d signage. Sitting below glass neon tubes is the 3d letters having the shapes in a bold colour which increases the legibility factor because of the way the light integrates into the colour shapes they form. 


illuminating retail excellence with custom neon signage

Designed specifically for a new retail food store, our neon masterpiece is not just a sign,it's a statement. With vibrant, coloured neon tubes meticulously crafted to mirror the client's logo, this signage is a glowing testament to brand identity and innovation. But we don't stop at aesthetics. Understanding the bustling environment of retail, especially in a food-centric space, we've encased the neon artwork in clear acrylic. This protective shield ensures the longevity of the sign, safeguarding it from inadvertent damage while inviting customers with its mesmerising glow.


Masters of neon signage for the beer industry

For over 30 years, the beer industry has tapped into the mesmerising allure of neon signs, making them a cornerstone of nighttime marketing in clubs, pubs, and entertainment venues globally. iSpace the vanguard of custom neon craftsmanship tailored specifically for this iconic industry. Our neon signs are not just about business; they're about legacy. Recognised by consumers as collectible, rare, and authentically vintage, our signs often find their way into personal man-caves, becoming cherished centrepieces that resonate with nostalgia and brand loyalty. Elevate your brand's nightlife presence with iSpace's bespoke neon signage. 


iSpace breaks new ground with neon freezer toppers

In a market saturated with iconic brands like Cadbury's and Coca-Cola, how does a new player grab attention? iSpace's groundbreaking neon freezer toppers, a game-changer in Sydney's bustling deli scene. For the very first time, neon signs innovatively integrated atop freezers, serving as an electrifying beacon for ice cream enthusiasts. This ingenious approach infuses an element of fun and excitement, setting a new trend that's hard to ignore. Amidst fierce competition, our neon toppers offer a visually stunning way to elevate brand visibility and captivate consumer interest. The result for Mono Gelato is a neon masterpiece that turns heads and drives sales. 


Neon artistry a world-first in luminescent portraiture

iSpace's latest artistic endeavour, a groundbreaking series of neon faces that redefine the boundaries of luminescent art. Crafted with meticulous detail, these brilliant line illustrations utilise neon glow as a masterful stroke on the dark canvas of the night sky. What sets this collection apart is not just its stunning visual impact, but its pioneering spirit. This is a world-first series, a singular, never-to-be-repeated commission that pushes the envelope of what neon can achieve as an artistic medium. It's an immersive experience that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.


iSpace unique Neon Sign the pinnacle of luminescent artistry

A glass neon sign stands as a testament to the unparalleled beauty of neon gas artistry. Housed within authentic 90-degree electrode mountings, the neon tubes come alive with a mesmerising red-orange hue. Unlike any other lighting source, the neon gas within these tubes offers a unique ambiance and luminosity that captivates the senses. It's an experience, an electrifying burst of colour that becomes an instant focal point in any setting. Imagine the buzz and excitement neon brings to a bustling shopping mall. Amidst the sea of ordinary, this neon emerges as a radiant beacon, drawing in crowds and leaving a lasting impression.


Neon sign being mounted into a edgeless frame with precision

Looking closely at the finer details of this very neat construction of a neon sign , it's not just art it's a marvel of neon brilliance. With such unparalleled innovation, it's no wonder that critics and art enthusiasts these luminous masterpieces have been honoured with prestigious award in the signage industry. iSpace has once again proven that when it comes to redefining boundaries and capturing the imagination, and being recognised in Australia as a leader in the signage manufacturing industry by industry experts itself. 


iSpace partners with Coca-Cola reviving authentic Neon signs

In a dazzling collaboration, iSpace has brought to life the iconic Coca-Cola brand through the mesmerising glow of authentic glass neon signs. Coca-Cola, has long recognised the unique allure of neon as a potent marketing tool. The legendary Coca-Cola sign in Sydney's bustling Kings Cross stands as a luminous testament. Neon signage is so compelling because of the medium's innate ability to etch a lasting visual imprint in the consumer's mind. Neon transcends mere advertising; it captivates and enchants, embedding itself in the collective consciousness in a subliminally mesmerising way


The art of authentic neon craftsmanship

While still in the construction phase, a sneak peek photo of the sign reveals its radiant potential.A glass neon sign that defies convention, bathed in a captivating shade of purple, the sign is not just a testament to craftsmanship but a symphony of light and color. What sets this piece apart is in the meticulous combination of purple-coated glass and the luminescent properties of neon gas. The result is an ethereal glow of light that captivates and enchants. Adding depth and dimension, the sign features 3D purple lettering meticulously positioned behind the glass. This strategic design choice amplifies the sign's colour characteristics, creating an even more pronounced visual impact. 


Neon signage transforms elite shoe store

In an elite shopping center, iSpace has manufactured a radiant neon that's turning heads and capturing hearts. Crafted with precision, the authentic glass neon sign boasts clear tubes filled with vibrant neon gas, creating an electrifying aura that's impossible to ignore. Designed specifically for a high-end shoe store brand, this luminous creation adds a lively touch and undeniable charm to the upscale retail environment. In a world where first impressions are everything, iSpace has once again proven in creating unforgettable signage. 


iSpace crafts neon artistry for sony

iSpace proudly presents a handcrafted, authentic glass neon sign meticulously designed for the renowned brand, Sony. Showcasing a triple-tube outline effect, this playful logo springs to life, thanks to the unparalleled skill of our seasoned neon artisan benders. Forming a luminous spectacle that captivates onlookers and leaves an indelible mark on the retail landscape. With iSpace precision meets passion with neon knowledge and excellence we defy expectations. Step into a world where artistry illuminates brand identity, and discover the magic that only iSpace can deliver.


Yellow glass neon signage a technical triumph

iSpace pushes the boundaries with a remarkable creation, an authentic glass neon sign crafted from challenging yellow glass. Known for its propensity to crack under heat, yellow glass demands an artisan's touch, a challenge our skilled craftsmen were more than willing to embrace. Commissioned by an internationally recognised brand, this radiant masterpiece serves as the centrepiece of their storefront branding in a bustling shopping mall. Handmade with meticulous precision, each bend and curve of the neon tubes reflects our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.


iSpace shines light on minimalist elegance

In a world often cluttered with visual noise, iSpace has masterfully crafted a beacon of simplicity and sophistication. Our creation features authentic white neon tubes, meticulously shaped and aligned to form a crisp, clean design. Set against a backdrop of smokey grey acrylic, this piece achieves a harmonious balance between luminescence and subtlety. Designed to hang inside a window, the installation serves as a captivating focal point for an upcoming four-month exhibition. It's a blend in contrasts, light and dark, simplicity and detail all expertly orchestrated by the skilled hands at iSpace.


iSpace illuminates hospitality a symphony of light and motion

Signage transcends its traditional role and becomes an integral part of the experience. iSpace introduces authentic glass neon signs ingeniously set in reverse pan fabricated metal letters. But this is no ordinary display. To elevate the ambiance of a bustling hospitality venue, our artisans have incorporated flashing LED lights. Programmed in an animated sequence, these LEDs dance around the neon, creating a mesmerizing visual symphony. A harmonious blend of classic craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, designed to captivate and enchant patrons.


iSpace sets the stage for cinematic brilliance with neon

iSpace pushed the boundaries of signage innovation with a dazzling creation for a prominent chain of video stores. At the heart of this project lies a mammoth main sign, crafted meticulously from authentic glass neon. Unlike anything seen before, the signage boasts a double tube neon style enveloping each letter, further accentuated by dual border outline tubes in vibrant red and blue. This ingenious design culminates in a radiant spectacle, illuminating the street front with an unmistakable cinematic allure. Venturing inside, customers are greeted by an immersive ambiance, thanks to neon-framed window outlines and overhead shelving illuminated with playful neon accents. 


iSpace and Sony PlayStation Illuminate the gaming world

iSpace has teamed up with gaming titan Sony PlayStation to craft a mesmerising piece of brand artistry. An authentic glass neon sign, glowing fiercely with red glass tubes meticulously shaped into 3D letters that mirror the iconic contours of Playstation's logo.This luminous masterpiece is more than just a sign, it's a beacon of innovation and a testament to the power of branding. By harnessing the evocative allure of neon, Sony PlayStation and iSpace have not only amplified the brand's visual identity but also created an immersive experience for fans and customers alike. Sony PlayStation and iSpace invite you to join the luminous revolution.


Unmatched speed meets handcrafted excellence in neon signage

When deadlines loom and the spotlight shines, iSpace rises to the occasion. Tasked with creating a real authentic glass neon sign in an astonishing three days, we embraced the challenge head-on for our valued client. A high-profile TV shoot that demanded nothing short of perfection and punctuality. While the neon signage industry often moves at a deliberate pace due to its handcrafted nature, iSpace redefined what's possible. Our dedicated artisans burned the midnight oil, working tirelessly around the clock to ensure the sign's timely completion without compromising on quality. iSpace's unwavering commitment to providing customer satisfaction. 


iSpace and Solotel group crafting vintage Neon

When the Solotel Group approached iSpace with a unique vision, we were all ears. The challenge was to create a real authentic glass neon sign that didn't just look old but appeared as if it had been unearthed from a bygone era, rust and all. we employed pan-style fabricated letters as the foundation for the neon tubes. This not only provided a sturdy base but also added an authentic touch reminiscent of signage from yesteryears.  To amplify the nostalgic allure, we incorporated globe-style old marquee lighting, casting a warm glow that further accentuated the rusted patina effect. The result was nothing short of a masterpiece, a neon sign that resonates with history. Partner with us to bring your unique vision to luminous life, and let's make history together.


A Japanese brand turning neon into conversation piece

In the bustling heart of Bondi Junction a real authentic glass neon signs that captivate and converse. While elevating the window display for a top Japanese brand with the opportunity to make a roaring statement one that's both artistic and attention-grabbing. A mesmerising neon rendition of a tiger's face, artfully abstracted to spark intrigue and become the talk of the town. Far more than just a sign, this masterpiece serves as a luminous conversation piece, drawing eyes and igniting discussions about art, culture, and the sheer ingenuity of neon craftsmanship. At iSpace, we understand that each neon sign has the potential to transcend its functional role and become a cultural landmark. 

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