Round Lightbox Signs

Nothing stands out better than a well-designed illuminated or backlit sign. Round light-box signage stands out and attracts passing crowds, particularly in high visibility, heavy traffic areas within shopping centres or commercial precincts. Circular single-sided light-box signs create a sleek and modern look, they are a great option when it comes to illuminating your brand to increase the exposure for your business, ensuring that your company remains in the spotlight, ultimately increasing your turnover.

Crafted by hand, these signs are the result of the expertise of specialised artisans. Our circular light boxes are an affordable way of lighting up your message, custom-manufactured in Australia, with a focus on using the best materials available. The popularity of these signs can be attributed to their charming presence and versatility. They effortlessly blend into various environments, complementing other signage and branding seamlessly. Suitable for retail spaces, clubs, and business entrances. Round light-box signage is constructed from welded aluminium, our signs are not just functional; they're a visual delight.

At iSpace, we pride ourselves on meticulously crafting illuminated circular sign boxes as a signage specialists for both indoor and outdoor use. Customising illuminated signage to your specifications, using materials that are exceptionally durable, resisting corrosion and ensuring a long lifespan. Powder coated to standard colours or matching to customer specification, or  the option for a specialised finish, offering a mirror-like sheen or a sophisticated brushed finish by using a wide range of materials including, aluminium, brass, copper & stainless steel.

These circular projecting signs are available to order any size required. Our illuminated round signs are available in various standard diameters ranging from 450mm, 500mm, 600mm, 750mm, 900mm, 1000mm , 1100mm, 1200mm.

Using the latest LED technology, LED's have become the preferred choice for lighting signage due to their cost-effectiveness and long lifespan. Special outdoor LED lighting modules, ensuring weather resistance and durability in exterior applications. The face of the round light-box is normally in an opal perspex with translucent graphic applied to the face panel attached by aluminium trim edges. The perspex panel slides neatly into the aluminium extrusion trim edges. Constructed without visible joins, these signs present a sleek and seamless appearance to a brilliant flawless finish.  

The complete faces can illuminate with a radiant glow, ensuring a bright and stand-out look that captures attention effortlessly. The acrylic round panel normally has a translucent vinyl applied to the opal perspex to create the graphic message. Face illuminated circular signs are also available with digital printed images or a circular light-box sign that can be manufactured with intra-cut faces allowing light to elegantly filter through the lettering, creating a visually stunning effect. There is also an option of creating 3 dimensional fabricated letters on the faces as a premium exclusive solution. Another solution in our range are the double sided round light-box signs.

From initial design concepts to full signage specification design blueprints, iSpace offers an end-to-end total signage solution, submitting applications to the council and handling the entire process from start to finish. We manufacture. supply and install with a nationwide network of qualified and experienced installers. iSpace ensures hassle-free and prompt installations, creating dazzling effects for your business during the day or at night.

Our design team will work with you to create realistic mock-ups of your signage solution, getting a very realistic impression of the completed job that vividly communicates your brand values. Choose iSpace for innovative circular light box signage to set you apart in the competitive market.


McCafe using single sided as part of their branding strategy


1200mm diameter single sided lightbox with flashing LED's in Glebe


Attention grabbing LED illuminated round lightbox push thru graphics


Large round lightbox with corporate branding in the Sydney CBD


GE using single sided lightbox for brand awareness in retail


TAB trusts iSpace as preferred supplier for gaming signage


KFC using round light-boxes as part of there in-store branding


Round lightbox with extremely detailed graphic being sent off-shore


Vinyl cut lettering and logo attached to a round lightbox


1500mm wide round lightbox with 3d logo and flashing LED details


Lightbox with special moulded raised logo graphic face


LED modules mounted inside round lightbox frame for backlighting


Early stages of production of single sided lightbox


Coating of the exterior side of round shape lightbox sign


Premium round light-box designed, manufactured & installed iSpace


aluminium fabricated round lightbox sign with logo intra-cut


iSpace specialise in hospitality & gaming signage to draw attention


iSpace are hospitality signage experts in Australia

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