Wayfinding Signs

Way-finding signage design plays a vital role in making places easy to navigate. It’s a specialised field of design that uses pictograms, maps, graphics, and language to help people find their way in unfamiliar surroundings. It often encompasses universal communication symbols, icons, and iconography to help individuals interpret their surroundings and navigate unfamiliar spaces.

Way-finding signage guides a user's journey, these are often placed strategically in multiple locations throughout a venue such as airports, parks, or shopping centers.  iSpace designs a suite of way-finding signage that delivers visitors from A to B as effortlessly and intuitively as possible.

Signage designed and manufactured for way-finding solutions.

The aesthetic narrative of blending the signage design into the surrounding environment is the most crucial aspect of smart thought-out way-finding solutions. The life cycle in the way-finding signage category extends beyond the norm and often lasts decades. Needs to be tailored to the area, enhance and suit the location and theme of the architecture and elevate the user's experience, inspire, influence the ambiance of the location.

The nature often involves a complex design that incorporates and blends multiple material types and illumination to create the desired outcome.

The narrative becomes a “family of signs”  working in tandem to holistically form a visual impression scattered over numerous locations throughout a built environment. Way-finding signage varies in size and shape while maintaining the signage design narrative to fit certain spaces within a venue.  

Successful, well-executed way-finding signage can be easily identified and easily distinguished, belonging to the intended environment, while creating a positive impression.

This process is strategic, involving thorough research and analysis of the site and its end users. It’s a process that begins with mapping all external and internal sign locations and reviewing existing signage guidelines and location plans. Way-finding signage needs to be designed for easy cleaning & maintenance, furthermore if required, updated or additional future signage added.

Beyond its practical function, way-finding signage becomes an artistic canvas for expressing a brand's unique personality, aesthetics, and characteristics.

iSpace specialises in manufacturing and meticulously crafting diverse way-finding signage systems and partners with world-renowned way-finding consultants and designers, to bring to life their visions while complying with Australian standards. The goal is to improve the user experience while the final signage solution speaks to everybody. 


iSpace lights the way with iconic signage at elite retail destination

In the bustling corridors of a high-end retail haven, iSpace has illuminated the path to convenience and luxury. We've meticulously crafted illuminated icons designed specifically for intuitive way-finding, ensuring visitors can effortlessly locate amenities amidst the upscale ambiance. These standout features not only serve a functional purpose but also enhance the mall's overall atmosphere. By elegantly magnifying globally recognised symbols, we've added a touch of modern sophistication to the space. Constructed with materials robust enough to withstand the high foot traffic and daily wear, iSpace ensures longevity without compromising on aesthetics thanks to our innovative illuminated signage.


iSpace crafts luxurious signage of elegance in high-end retail

In the world of opulent shopping experiences, iSpace has set a new benchmark with our bespoke jewellery like signage. Meticulously designed, each sign boasts intricate decorative metal elements, meticulously wrapped in triplicate around the signage. These iconic symbols, rendered in a matching metal finish, seamlessly integrate with the surrounding lightbox body.Positioned as a centrepiece in a 5-star shopping environment, this distinctive way-finding signage not only directs but captivates. It stands as a testament to our unparalleled expertise in metal fabrication, even when navigating the complexities of intricate designs. Experience the pinnacle of way-finding signage, where functionality meets unparalleled elegance.


iSpace elevates hotel ambiance with bespoke signage

In the luxurious corridors of a 5-star international hotel, iSpace has masterfully crafted signage that seamlessly merges aesthetics with functionality. Our bespoke jewellery signage features solid metal letters, meticulously designed in a spectrum of thicknesses and finishes. Each element is thoughtfully curated to not only be an attractive decorative feature but also a guiding beacon for guests navigating the expansive venue. As visitors weave through the intricate layout of the hotel, our signage serves as both an aesthetic enhancement and a practical way-finding tool. iSpace has elevated the overall ambiance, ensuring a cohesive blend with the hotel's sophisticated decor.


Crafting consistency and precision in bespoke way-finding signage

In the heart of our state-of-the-art production facility, iSpace is diligently crafting bespoke way-finding signage tailored for a prominent construction group specializing in shopping mall development. Our expertise lies not just in manufacturing, but in collaborating intimately with architects and stakeholders of expansive projects. Understanding the intricacies of large-scale developments, we prioritise meticulous planning. By developing a consistent family of signs, we ensure cohesion across vast spaces while meeting stringent project timelines. Our approach includes crafting prototypes for client approval, ensuring the final installation aligns seamlessly with the construction schedule.


iSpace elevating accessibility with bespoke backlit disability Signage

At iSpace, our commitment goes beyond aesthetics; it's about inclusivity and safety. Recognising the importance of ensuring all individuals, including those with disabilities, navigate spaces with ease, we've crafted high-end backlit illuminated disability signage. These signs not only meet legal requirements but also symbolise our dedication to creating visually appealing, user-friendly environments. Collaborating closely with progressive construction groups, we emphasise the transformative power of well-designed signage. By highlighting amenities and optimising way-finding solutions, iSpace champions the elevation of built environments, setting new standards and fostering inclusive, welcoming spaces for all.


iSpace pioneering quality in all types of way-finding signage

At iSpace, our dedication to excellence is evident in every detail of our bespoke way-finding signage, especially our high-end backlit illuminated signage. With a robust commitment to research and development, we prioritise longevity and durability. By meticulously selecting top-tier materials and rigorously testing each product, we ensure our signage not only meets but exceeds expectations. Understanding the significance of our clients' investments, we strive for solutions that stand the test of time, offering decades of service with minimal maintenance costs. With iSpace, clients can rest assured they're making a lasting investment, backed by unparalleled quality and peace of mind.


High-end hotel door identification signs

iSpace crafts exquisite all types hotel signage ranging from door numbering, floor level identification signs, way-finding, reception signs. We offer our comprehensive range in all type of finishes. This sign has pristine white engraving with refined paint fill. Enhanced with a brass decorative accent with curved corners, elevating any hospitality setting to a new level of luxury. We specialise in crafting exquisite signage solutions tailored for the discerning needs of hotels. We understand that signage is a reflection of a hotel's brand, ethos, and commitment to excellence. 


Mini pylon signs in production

iSpace are pioneer in crafting unparalleled complex pylons and mini pylon signage for hotels and other commercail spaces. Our intricate metal detailing sets us apart, resulting in designs that defy the ordinary. Captured mid-manufacture in this photo, with our 27 years of experience and knowhow these top end mini pylons promise both aesthetic prominence and long-term investment value, epitomising a blend of innovation and enduring elegance.


Bespoke toilet signage where elegance meets functionality

In the heart of Alexandria, Sydney, a unique signage solution stands as a testament to the blend of artistry and functionality. Commissioned for "The Venue" our team crafted bespoke toilet identification signage that doubles as a piece of art. With an aged bronze finish providing a touch of vintage charm, the 3D brass mirror-polished letters catches the eye. This project was part of a comprehensive way-finding solution tailored for the venue. At iSpace, we believe in transforming spaces through innovative design. 


iSpace's illuminated signage transforms retail spaces

In the premium retail destinations, clarity and elegance are paramount. iSpace illuminates the way with signage that seamlessly blends form and function. Our bespoke illuminated icons are meticulously designed landmarks that guide visitors through a world of opulence and convenience. Tailored for intuitive way-finding, our signage ensures that every visitor can effortlessly pinpoint amenities, adding a layer of convenience to their shopping experience. Durability meets design in our innovative approach. Recognising the rigours of high foot traffic and daily wear, we construct our signage with robust materials that stand the test of time.


iSpace's bespoke hotel room solutions

At iSpace, we sculpt signage solutions with precision, passion, and a profound understanding of luxury. Our comprehensive approach spans the entire spectrum of hospitality design, from meticulous consultation to flawless installation. With a rich palette of metals and finishes, we transform spaces into sanctuaries, each uniquely tailored to our client's vision. We understand that every client has specific needs and aspirations. That's why we go above and beyond to accommodate their desires, ensuring that every detail, from the choice of metal to the final finish, aligns perfectly with their aesthetic and functional requirements. We bring these visions to life, ensuring that the transition from concept to completion is seamless and stress-free for our clients.


Crafting timeless impressions with solid metal signage

In signage there are only a few materials which resonate with the same gravitas as solid metal lettering. At iSpace, we have mastered the art of crafting way-finding signage, elevating them from mere letters to statements of elegance. With a keen eye for detail we offer a diverse array of finishes, each designed to captivate. Our extensive experience, spanning decades in the industry, has endowed us with a unique understanding of the nuances that make signage truly exceptional. We approach each project with a blend of creativity and craftsmanship. We meticulously consider the long-term performance of our creations, recognising that durability is as crucial as design. Our metal lettering remains as striking and relevant years down the line as it is on the day of installation.

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