Signs in Slim Frames

We manufacture custom-made signs frames using our beautiful aluminium extrusions to create signs which embody a seamless borderless edge. The face of the sign sits neatly into the frame shell. This smart design system is a sole exclusive product designed by iSpace. The aluminium can be left in an anodised finish or and powder coated to any colour. These signs can be made in either a single or as a double-sided sign in any size for both indoor and outdoor use with durability. The frame depth options are available in 30mm, 44mm, 53mm, & 71mm.

The main selling point and key differentiators:

No Visible Fixings: Absolutely no visible fixings at all are seen as they are all hidden inside the frame. The most important thing about a well constructed sign is not being able to see any fixings whatsoever as this detracts from the visual elegance of the sign creation.

Aesthetic Appeal: A modern design with a slimline elegant looking world class sign tailor-made. Signs with a seamless style face are the ultimate way of displaying your message, with effective communication. The sign frame can be installed flush against the wall, or raised off the wall surface using spacers creating a great look with a slight drop shadow.

Customisation: Available in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different design requirements.

Key features of our frameless system include:
  • Use to create illuminated and non-illuminated signs
  • The logos and artwork on the sign face can be illuminated signs or non-illuminated.
  • The face of the sign can be produced so it's an interchangeable type of sign if required
  • The graphic panels can be replaced quickly to freshen up your store's graphics
Non-illuminated options:
  • Computer cut-out vinyl stick on self adhesive graphics for a more budget conscious client
  • Full colour digital printed graphics can be applied to the face panels capturing colour blending and realistic photos in high resolution.
  • Wall-mounted poster frames with a clear acrylic face providing a clean and organised interchangeable display system.
  • Solid metal or acrylic lettering attached to the face panel creating raised letters. The thicknesses of the letters are available in a huge range of sizes and finishes 4.5mm, 6mm, 8mm , 10mm, 15mm , 20mm or fabricated to all thicknesses.
  • Premium thick fabricated built up lettering having varied depths, See link for more information
illuminated options:
  • Full box face illuminated resulting in slimline light boxes - See link for more information
  • illuminated from behind by raising the perspex creating a push through type of result. See link for more information
  • Premium 3D thick illuminated fabricated built up lettering having lots of depth. See link for alternative options. 

DB Schenker's bold statement 3D signage by iSpace

When it comes to making an impactful first impression, DB Schenker, a global leader in logistics, turned to iSpace for a signage solution that would capture attention and communicate brand excellence. An impressive fabricated three dimensional outdoor signage raised letters, flawlessly mounted on a slimline, edgeless frame at their Sydney head office. This innovative design not only elevates DB Schenker's branding but also embodies a modern, sophisticated aesthetic. With this collaboration, iSpace once again demonstrates its prowess in delivering tailor-made signage solutions that resonate with global industry leaders.


A taste of India illuminated signage on a slim frame

In the bustling heart of Circular Quay, an Indian restaurant stands out not just for its delectable dishes but also for its striking signage. Harnessing the expertise of signage manufacturing, the restaurant opted for an impressive slimline lightbox. This wasn't just any lightbox, though; it featured intricate push-through lettering, meticulously crafted to perfection. Mounted seamlessly on a slimline, edgeless frame, the signage achieves a sleek and contemporary look that perfectly complements the restaurant's brand identity. The use of varied materials and techniques speaks volumes about the depth of knowledge and craftsmanship involved in its creation.


Sagemcom partners with iSpace for cutting edge signage

Sagemcom, a renowned global name in audiovisual and software solutions, understands the power of impactful branding. Teaming up with experienced sign makers, they embarked on a unique journey to craft signage that would echo their brand's ethos. A masterfully designed piece featuring titanium metal letters. These were artfully mounted onto clear acrylic letters, creating a captivating layered effect. The entire ensemble was then flawlessly affixed to a slimline, edgeless frame with a digital printed graphic sign face. Such meticulous attention to detail underscores the belief that a well-crafted sign is not just an expense, but a valuable investment. 


iSpace's showstopper illuminating the UNSW foodcourt

In the bustling heart of the UNSW foodcourt in Kensington, iSpace unveiled a signage marvel that quickly became the talk of the campus. Crafted with precision, their slimline lightbox featuring 3D graphics is nothing short of mesmerising. Mounted on an edgeless frame, this signage doesn't just communicate branding, it commands attention. The innovative design and strategic placement ensured that it became an instant focal point, drawing students and visitors alike. The impact was immediate. With iSpace's standout creation, businesses reported increased foot traffic and turnover. It's a testament to the power of thoughtful signage: when done right, it not only elevates a space but also drives tangible results.


iSpace's digital printed signage bringing life into office interiors

In the dynamic realm of modern office design in Bondi Junction, iSpace has once again set the bar high. Introducing their cutting-edge digital printed interior signs, encased in sleek, edgeless frames, they've redefined the ambiance of contemporary workspaces. But there's more than meets the eye. These aren't just signs, they're a celebration of creativity and intellectual property. iSpace understands the intrinsic value of original artwork, especially graphics tailored for the gaming world. By transforming these bespoke designs into office showpieces, they've given them a second life, ensuring they resonate beyond their initial purpose also motivates staff to scales of new heights. 


Elevating corporate signage Hostplus chooses iSpace's mastery

Hostplus, a renowned super fund provider, sought to redefine their Sydney headquarters, they turned to the unparalleled expertise of iSpace. Recognised for their innovative edge in signage solutions, iSpace delivered nothing short of excellence. At the heart of the transformation lies a state-of-the-art lightbox, its sleek design adorned with push-through graphics, all seamlessly integrated on an edgeless frame. But the innovation doesn't stop there. iSpace also crafted expansive digital printed window graphics for the glass entrances, enhancing both privacy and aesthetics within the esteemed office environment. With iSpace commitment to understanding office signage in Australia created a transformative experience that truly goes above and beyond.


iSpace delivered signage solutions for the Australian government

In the heart of Sydney's Circular Quay, the Australian Government's Export Finance Department sought a signage transformation that echoed both prestige and innovation. They trusted the expertise of iSpace which rose to the occasion, crafting a sophisticated lightbox that seamlessly integrated push-through graphics on an edgeless frame. A standout feature wooden timber wall was also curated within the office space. This collaboration speaks volumes of iSpace's prowess in navigating the intricate demands of large corporate and governmental entities. With a deep reservoir of knowledge and unmatched experience in the signage realm, iSpace consistently delivers solutions that resonate. 


iSpace's budget effective signage solutions

Navigating budget constraints shouldn't mean compromising on quality or impact. Enter iSpace's ingenious signage solution: a sleek, slimline frame paired with crisp vinyl lettering. Recognising the need for cost-effective yet impactful branding, iSpace has curated a design that maximises aesthetics while minimising costs. The beauty of this approach lies in its simplicity; the signage appears effortlessly integrated, with no visible mountings disrupting the visual flow. Even with a leaner budget, our commitment to delivering standout results remains unwavering. With our smart signage solutions, businesses can make a lasting impression without breaking the bank.


Simplifying signage for cost-conscious brands

In the world of branding, consistency is key, especially for businesses with multiple outlets. iSpace understands the unique challenges faced by cost-conscious business owners seeking uniformity without compromising on quality. Enter our entry-level signage solution: a sleek slimline frame complemented by a meticulously crafted acrylic-mounted logo. This design isn't just about affordability, it's a smart effective branding solution. By seamlessly integrating the logo within the frame, we eliminate any visible mountings, ensuring a clean and cohesive look across all outlets. This becomes particularly crucial when navigating partnerships with third-party suppliers, empowering businesses to make a strong visual statement without stretching their budgets.


Revolutionising large-scale signage with sleek design

iSpace partners with Austcorp to deliver two building naming rights signage on 16 Spring St Sydney CBD. At iSpace, innovation meets elegance in our cutting-edge slimline framing extrusion system. Designed for expansive signage, this compact solution seamlessly integrates all electrical components and wiring behind a pristine face panel with accessibility for maintenance. Our signature backlit illumination technique elevates the aesthetics further, casting a radiant glow on 3D lettering that exudes sophistication. An awe-inspiring, high-end in-building naming rights sign that captivates attention and leaves a lasting impression.


Elevating way-finding with smart, affordable signage

Navigating spaces becomes an effortless and aesthetically pleasing experience with iSpace's innovative slimline framing extrusion. Tailored for way-finding and parking signs, this system effortlessly marries functionality with style. Our choice of vinyl lettering ensures crisp, clear messaging that not only directs but also complements the brand's identity. iSpace's commitment to quality and affordability shines through, offering a cost-effective signage solution without compromising on visual appeal. Experience the blend of smart design and affordability with iSpace, where every sign tells a story of precision and value.


Crafting excellent signage for Fresh Country Farms of Australia

Where precision meets artistry with iSpace's slimline framing extrusion. Tailored for Fresh Country Farms of Australia, a leading horticultural investor, our signage solution is a masterclass in sophistication and branding. Each 3D, 6mm thick metal logo and lettering is custom-crafted to match PMS colours, casting an elegant drop shadow effect that captivates and elevates the ambiance. Our consultation and expertise ensure that the signage not only aligns with the brand's vision but also sets a new benchmark in office signage aesthetics. At iSpace, we're not just mastering office signage, we're redefining it. 


iSpace driving brand visibility with precision in-store signage

In the bustling world of retail, brand visibility is paramount. iSpace introduces an entry-level, yet highly effective, signage solution designed specifically to amplify 3rd party supplier branding within stores. Leveraging our sleek slimline framing, each acrylic-mounted logo serves as a beacon, guiding consumers directly to the merchandise they seek. With a keen understanding of retail dynamics, iSpace stands ready and equipped to produce large quantities of identical signage. Our streamlined processes ensure rapid turnaround times, making us the trusted choice for brands aiming for swift, impactful in-store presence across multiple branches. 


Elevating brand awareness in retail

In the dynamic realm of fashion retail, visibility and trust are the cornerstones of success. iSpace introduces a cost-effective signage solution tailored for maximum impact. Utilising our refined slimline framing, each acrylic-mounted logo seamlessly integrates 3rd party supplier branding within stores. This strategic placement not only amplifies brand exposure but also cultivates consumer trust. For emerging fashion brands seeking to make a mark, iSpace provides the platform to build awareness, boost sales, and solidify brand identity. Choose iSpace, and let your brand shine brighter in the retail landscape.


iSpace setting the gold standard in building signage

In the bustling cityscape, for our satisfied client Austcorp commissioned a second sign to stand out as a necessity. iSpace pioneers a sleek, slimline framing extrusion for expansive signage that's both smart and discreet. With our cutting-edge system, we've eradicated visible fixings, ensuring a seamless facade that captivates the eye. Positioned strategically at a prominent street intersection, our signage transcends mere identification. Crafted in lustrous stainless steel, the 3D lettering elevates the building's stature and amplifying brand awareness. It's no wonder the building's owners gave our signage their resounding stamp of approval. 


Mastering large-scale signage with precision

Navigating the challenges of large-scale signage, iSpace with it's innovative slimline framing extrusion, a game-changer in the industry. This smart compact system boasts no visible fixings, providing a clean, slick look that's both modern and impactful. Recently, we undertook a challenging project: installing a sizeable exterior sign high atop an industrial edifice. This endeavour demanded specialised scaffolding and meticulous planning. The project unfolded seamlessly, from inception to completion. Opting for a cost-effective approach without compromising on quality, we utilised premium-grade vinyl lettering guaranteed for long-term durability against the elements.


Elevating brand awareness through innovative signage

We collaborated with a supplier launching a new brand. Recognising the pivotal role of third-party branding in consumer engagement, our acrylic-mounted logo signage became a cornerstone of their marketing strategy. The goal to foster a deeper connection with the discerning Gen X audience, a demographic increasingly attuned to brand consciousness. The result was transformative. Our signage not only enhanced brand awareness but also catalysed consumer interaction, driving market share and bolstering sales. 


Maximising brand impact in prime retail spaces with signage

When global icons like Levi's Jeans strategise their market presence, every detail matters. Recognising the potent synergy between high-rent shopping centres and impactful branding, Levi's turned to iSpace for a game-changing solution. Our slimline frame, paired with an acrylic-mounted logo, became the linchpin of Levi's in-store strategy. By leveraging free space within premium retail environments, Levi's capitalized on a captive audience, transforming idle foot traffic into engaged consumers. With iSpace, it's not just about visibility—it's about strategic placement, consumer engagement, and brand elevation. 


iSpace illuminating the path with reflective vinyl signage

In the realm of statutory signage and way-finding solutions, iSpace pioneers a cost-effective approach that doesn't compromise on visibility or aesthetics. Our slimline frame, paired with expertly engineered reflective vinyl graphics, stands out as a beacon of guidance in large residential and commercial complexes, shopping centres, and hospitals. This solution goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring that signage remains clearly visible even in low-light conditions. The reflective vinyl, akin to the technology used in road signs, harnesses the power of ambient light, providing an extra layer of safety and functionality.


Branding your signage with push-through illuminated logos

Discover the intersection of form and function with iSpace's signature slimline frame signage. Specifically designed for the modern business environment, our push-through illuminated logos create a striking visual impact, especially when spanning the full width and height of a reception desk counter. This bespoke solution not only enhances your brand's visibility but also seamlessly integrates with your interior design, acting as a vital piece of shopfitting. The absence of exposed screws adds to its clean, sophisticated aesthetic, ensuring that your brand remains the focal point.


Streamlined signage for effective business navigation

Navigating an industrial office park can be a daunting task, but iSpace is here to simplify the experience. Our cost-effective slimline frame signage, adorned with high-quality vinyl graphics, serves as an essential guidepost for visitors seeking the reception area. More than just a directional tool, our signage embodies the essence of practicality and clarity, ensuring that clients and visitors can easily locate the services they seek. Consider this signage not just an expense, but a valuable investment in enhancing your business operations and customer experience.

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