imitation Acrylic Tubular Neon Signs

In the past decade, the authentic neon signage landscape has witnessed a transformative innovation with the widely popular introduction of LED-style imitation neon signs. These contemporary alternatives to traditional authentic glass neon signs have gained widespread momentum in the signage industry. Offering a plethora of options, these neon-inspired signs have become trendsetters across various industries.

iSpace, distinguished as a premium multi-award winning designer and manufacturer of bespoke signage is at the forefront of this NEON LED revolution. As technology evolves, iSpace's innovative LED neon signs stand out in the visual communication world. The bespoke luxury “imitation LED Neon” signs crafted by iSpace exude elegance and opulence, effortlessly blending a modern aesthetic with a vintage charm with a retro vibe and vibrant aesthetics.

It's crucial to distinguish between two types of tubular neon signage: Luxury LED imitation Neon, fabricated with a metal base and LED lights powered by a dedicated power source, and LED Neon Flex, encased in a rubber pipe, notorious for quick burnouts due to inadequate heat dispersion. iSpace advises against the latter, known in the industry as "cheap and nasty" due to its short lifespan.

Known as Acrylic Neon signs / Acrylic Neon-looking letters / New LED Neon letters / LED Neon effect letters - call them what you wish - you need to be very aware of the cheap versions. These are short-term neon look-a-like signage and will not last. Don’t be fooled.

The process of making a luxury LED imitation Neon:

iSpace's modern neon signs are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, with the highest quality finish in manufacturing, ensuring a stunning and authentic appearance. Luxury imitation LED Neon also called (acrylic neon cylinder-shaped front-lit letters) are fabricated out of a base unit that houses the LED lighting in a very shallow metal channel which is 10mm high. The acrylic which starts off as square shaped, is laser cut to perfection and then carefully shaved down by hand into a tubular configuration to emulate a tube of neon glass. They have a tubular presence with a polished glossy-looking smooth surface, and a very neat tidy look.  The circular tubular acrylic section is then fitted into the base metal section which houses the LED lighting. The result is a luxury imitation LED Neon sign that looks very similar to authentic neon glass tubing capturing an extremely bright lighting glow, however, the glow is not exactly identical to real neon glass tubing with noble gases.

The main advantage of this style of luxury imitation LED neon is the glass breakage factor, they don’t break like glass neon signs which is glass neon signs biggest shortfall.  The LED Neon is exceptionally durable compared to very fragile glass, thus LED Neon exhibits increased robustness. The wiring can be more disguised and less noticeable as neon signs are wired where the glass electrodes need to be joined and often become quite a messy look. With the luxury imitation Led Neon we can achieve a much neater-looking sign that emulates neon with a more modern twist.

There are some other advantages of imitation LED Neon vs traditional authentic neon glass:

  • The main difference is that you don’t see the way the neon is painted black block-out sections, the unwanted glass tubing between letters.
  • The LED lighting can last longer than Neon lighting, longer lifespan.
  • LED lighting is more energy efficient cheaper to run, saving dollars to your electricity bill.


Features of luxury imitation LED Neon:

  • Customisable artwork font styles / The artwork can be customised to follow any stylisation of font design.
  • Customisable finishes to the base metal section which can be spray painted to match PMS colours.
  • Colour-changing LED lighting options available.
  • LED Color temperature: 3000K to 10000k lighting options available.
  • The acrylic tubular illuminated-shaped face colour is either a standard off-the-shelf coloured acrylic or it can be spray painted to match a pms colour.
  • The base metal channel section at the bottom can be customised to any metal finish, like brass or stainless steel, bronze, copper or electroplated finishes.
  • Easy to install with the use of studs or bolts to affix them the wall substrate.
  • Excellent brand LED strip inside for extra long lifespan.
  • Warranty: 5 years for letters, 3 years for LED , guaranteeing peace of mind.


At iSpace we offer the full artwork service of creating the design work involved in the led neon signs, creating each LED neon imitation sign as a unique expression of individuality. Perfect for offices, bars, retail stores, homes, and any environment in need of a touch of neon magic. Tailor-made to your specifications, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these signs have become a sweeping trend across the Australian landscape. We believe strongly that we have a competitive advantage over any other company in Australia with the quality of our luxury imitation LED Neon signs, with the capabilities of manufacturing due to our knowledge and experience gained over the past 27 years. Simply Brilliant Signs. iSpace ships worldwide. 


Black satin reverse pan-fabricated letter casing

Black satin reverse fabrication casing with the frosted white illuminated luxury script. The casing is made of metal coated with a black satin finish and has a reverse fabrication design following the contours of the script lettering.


Reverse pan style fabricated box with tubular look-a-like neon

The box is fabricated in a reverse pan style. It has a tubular neon look in a bright pink. The pink neon tube is fitted into a neat channel with precision, creating a seamless and meticulous appearance.


Close-up of luxury premium LED Neon with circular tubular style

Notice the glossy shine with a polished look. The focus of the photo is on a close-up of luxury premium LED neon. The neon has a circular tubular style that mimics traditional neon.


Neon look-a-like letters with pin fixings

These LED imitation neon letters have gold spray painted bases with 4500k white acrylic tubular fronts creating a neon look-alike letter with shining edges. These have been purposely made to be installed off the wall surface with pin fixings.


Thicker than normal base metal section in gold

An LED look-a-like Neon is incorporated into a customised base metal casings, following the contours of the letter shape. This letter has a red Led Neon acrylic tube look. 


Bright green LED Neon set in a satin black base unit

The design is characterised by a classy shine and a polished look, showing a refined appearance. Each emphasising a high-end and sophisticated aesthetic, with attention to detail in the fabrication and illumination detail.


Reverse pan style fabricated style letter in pink with LED Neon

The bold-shaped lettering appears luxurious and is illuminated in frosted white acrylic to emulate real neon. Signage is expertly designed and meticulously manufactured. 


Fabricated gold base with white LED Neon on pins

LED neon sign has become a popular trend, iSpace's LED luxury imitation neon blends modern aesthetics with vintage charm.


Polished edges to the tubular LED Neon top section

iSpace's luxury LED imitation Neon signs offer a stunning appearance and increased durability over traditional glass neon. iSpace's luxury LED neon signs break the glass ceiling with advantages: no messy wiring, longer lifespan, and energy efficiency.


Deeper than normal base section with a blasted metal finish

Unveiling the advantages: iSpace's LED Neon vs traditional glass – no visible black block-outs, longer lifespan, and cost-effective energy use. iSpace's LED Neon offers customisable finishes, colour-changing options, and easy installation for a touch of neon magic.


Cherry red glowing LED Neon look-a-like signage

iSpace's LED Neon signs are tailor-made for offices, bars, homes, and more, bringing a touch of neon magic to any environment. LED Neon signs with a 5-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind and timeless brilliance.


Highly polished pink LED Neon script lettering

iSpace's LED Neon: Bright, durable, and a modern twist on the classic glow – minus the fragility of glass. For 27 years, iSpace has perfected the art of luxury LED Neon signs, shipping brilliance worldwide.


Yellow acrylic perfectly sculpted into an LED Neon tube

Open pan-style fabricated lettering with a combination of different coloured paint finishes on the inside and outside of the letter. Showcasing a good example of a premium LED Neon imitation sign.


Photo showing the LED Neon with the illumination switched on

Notice the perfectly even illumination on the yellow acrylic tube, where there is no hot spot in the lighting. Showing the LED Neon placed inside extremely neat casings that house the LED lighting modules.


Showing close up a green acrylic LED Neon Letters

Notice how the shapes follow the exact contours of the metal bases. The acrylic is flamed polished to create a highly reflective shine.


Script Font in an LED Neon bright pink

iSpace leads the LED neon trend, creating bespoke luxury LED signs crafted with precision effortlessly marrying elegance with retro vibes. iSpace's luxury LED neon signs mimic the glow of authentic neon without the fragility.


Open pan fabricated lettering with a painted finish hosing LED Neon

iCe white acrylic LED Neon signs by iSpace - a timeless blend of vintage charm and modern aesthetics. The Paint finish inside is red and the outside is silver.


Brushed brass effect to the sides with a pink neon tube face

iSpace's luxury LED Neon: Customisable metal sides, in this case, a brushed brass finish option for a personalised touch and a sophisticated look. Elevate your space with elegance using illuminated signage.


Side profile showing base section with the pink acrylic tubular tops

Crafted with precision, iSpace's luxury LED imitation Neon signs offer a stunning appearance and increased durability over traditional glass neon.


The letter is showing facing downwards so you can see the pin fixings

iSpace's LED Neon offers customisable finishes, colour-changing options, and easy installation for a touch of neon magic. Be aware of "cheap and nasty" imitations.


LED Neon mounted to mimic glass Neon tube style with spring attachments

iSpace's luxury LED Neon: Customisable fonts, PMS colour matching, and a spectrum of lighting options for a personalised touch. We turn ideas into signs, transforming vision into vibrant installations.

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