Lightbox Signs

iSpace stands as the leading manufacturer of custom slim light boxes in Australia, offering a unique exclusive products range, our dedication to innovation and quality craftsmanship has resulted in the development of a diverse line of slim light boxes, each meticulously designed for optimal functionality and visual impact. Our slim light boxes boast a thin profile, utilising edge lite illumination within lightweight aluminium frames. With four distinct versions in our range - 30mm, 44mm, 53mm, and 70mm - we take pride in being the sole provider of this exact product range in Australia. Our exclusive moulds enable us to offer a product that is unparalleled in its thinness and versatility.

At iSpace, we specialise in manufacturing custom-made light boxes of all sizes, catering to both single and double-sided units. Our panels channel light from the edges, allowing for a dramatic reduction in box profile, with a double-sided version having a depth of no more than 53mm. Offering adaptability as images can be changed within minutes using our easy clip-in system behind magnetic faces ensures no crinkles. For maximum image vibrancy, we recommend you use a transparency poster print that lets light through effectively as opposed to traditional paper posters.

The benefits of our slim light boxes include accommodating standard poster prints for short-term advertising, accentuating product offerings, adding colour and visual brilliance to your space, discreet suspension mounting options, and suitability for various applications.

Our light boxes with magnetic faces offer additional convenience, featuring magnets to securely hold graphics in place, a sign-face system that locks the clear acrylic cover firmly in place, and a hard, clear acrylic front cover protecting prints/posters from scratches and grime. These boxes can be wall-mounted or suspended from a ceiling using the optional hanging kit.

iSpace also manufactures large slim-line light boxes with features such as easy poster changes from the front using a suction cap. The use of T5 lamps for greater light efficiency. The acrylic core ensures even light distribution across the sign surface.

Our ultra-slim edge-lit light boxes, ranging from 30mm to 71mm thick, offer an exceptionally thin profile with a perfectly even light distribution. Standard sizes are available for instant order, and our showroom is open for client visits by appointment only. Our ultra-slim light-boxes feature a smooth, sleek, flush-fitting flat acrylic face held in place with magnets, providing a sophisticated and modern appearance. Choose from natural anodised or powder-coated finishes in various colours to complement your aesthetic preferences. The opening mechanism is not immediately evident, thus ensuring vandalism is kept to a minimum. 

However with the correct suction cup tool, the slim line light box is quickly and easily opened, enabling you to change your poster with a minimum of time and effort. Whether used as menu boards or prominent advertising displays, our slim-line light boxes are the preferred choice across Australia. Their thin profile and even light distribution make them suitable for a wide range of applications, space-scarce environments from small window displays to large advertising, media, or architectural features. 

These box signs are seen in Australia on a daily basis as they are the most popular type of illuminated signage option for changeable graphics. The iSpace’s stunning, sleek, edge-lit lightbox, spreading an extremely even illumination that provides the perfect platform to showcase visual illustrations.

iSpace is your go-to destination for slim-line light boxes that combine cutting-edge technology, customisation options. We take pride in our Australian manufacturing, ensuring that every product meets the highest standards of quality and durability. The iSpace brand is synonymous with quality in the Australian signage and display industries. In our range is also very custom made complex ultra premium unique lightbox creations.


iSpace illuminates Sydney West Aesthetics with dynamic light-boxes

In the bustling heart of Sydney, iSpace has introduced a game-changing signage solution for Sydney West Aesthetics our slimline edgelit light-boxes. These aren't your average poster displays; they're dynamic, eye-catching installations designed to captivate passersby and draw them into the world of aesthetic excellence. What sets these light-boxes apart is their adaptability. With the capability for interchangeable graphics, Sydney West Aesthetics can effortlessly update their displays each season, offering clients fresh, enticing visuals that reflect the latest trends and promotions. It's a strategy that keeps the brand's messaging current and compelling, ensuring that every visit feels like a new experience.


iSpace lights up St. Lucy's school with illuminated wall panels

Nestled in the serene suburb of Wahroonga, St. Lucy's School has been transformed into a beacon of warmth and inclusivity, thanks to a collaborative effort with iSpace. The project involved three expansive wall panels that seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics. These aren't your ordinary wall fixtures; they're monumental edgelit light-boxes, carefully crafted by iSpace to serve as illuminated poster displays. What sets them apart is their adaptability, allowing for interchangeable graphics. This feature ensures that St. Lucy's can effortlessly update the displays, tailoring them to various events, seasons, or themes. Positioned together as one grand feature piece, these massive light-boxes serve a deeper purpose. 


Once installed by iSpace before the graphics were inserted

Designed to radiate a warm and inviting energy, the installation aims to make St. Lucy's School a sanctuary for its students, many of whom are on the autism spectrum. The gentle glow emanating from the panels creates a calming environment, fostering a sense of safety and belonging. In partnering with iSpace, St. Lucy's School has not only enhanced its physical space but also reinforced its commitment to providing a nurturing environment for every student. It's a testament to how thoughtful design can profoundly impact the well-being of individuals and communities alike.


Large wall mounted slim line light-boxes

But these light-boxes are more than just aesthetically pleasing, they're a strategic tool in driving business growth. By promoting special offers as value add-ons, our slim line light-boxes can incentivise client engagement and encourage uptake of exclusive services. It's a win-win. clients get access to premium offers, and the business enjoys increased revenue and customer loyalty. In leveraging iSpace's innovative edgelit technology transforms its premises into a beacon of style and sophistication. It's a shining example of how smart signage solutions can elevate a brand's presence and drive tangible results.


iSpace elevates Hugo Boss retail experience with light-boxes

iSpace collaborated with the iconic fashion brand, Hugo Boss, to introduce a game-changing element to their retail strategy. The solution? Slim line edgelit light-boxes, meticulously designed for interchangeable graphics. Strategically placed within the store, these illuminated poster displays serve a dual purpose. Firstly, they accentuate Hugo Boss's sophisticated product range, drawing the eye to key items and promotions at the point of purchase. Secondly, the dynamic nature of the displays ensures that the brand message remains fresh and relevant, adapting seamlessly to seasonal collections or special campaigns.


Transforms department stores with dynamic light-boxes

Recognising the potential within vast departmental spaces, iSpace pioneered a solution that marries aesthetics with functionality. The slim line edgelit interchangeable light-boxes, a cutting-edge creation designed in masses for a prominent retailer. Deployed strategically throughout department stores, these illuminated marvels serve dual roles. On one hand, they convert idle spaces into premium advertising real estate, showcasing promotions, brand stories, and product highlights. On the other, the gentle glow emanating from these light-boxes enhances the store's ambiance, crafting an inviting atmosphere that beckons shoppers deeper into the retail landscape.


Slim frame light-boxes for promotional messages

By harnessing the power of illumination and adaptability, iSpace's innovative light-boxes not only capture the attention of consumers but also elevate the overall retail experience. Transforming doctors waiting rooms and storefronts into dynamic spaces of discovery, the iSpace slim line light-boxes underscore the importance of innovative design in shaping modern retail environments. They deliver a perfect platform for customised interchangeable customised graphics which can be swopped out within minutes and have a clear protection for long term durability. 


iSpace elevates car dealership interiors with dynamic light-boxes

The ambiance of a workspace can significantly influence productivity and morale. iSpace recognised this pivotal aspect when crafting a bespoke solution for a leading car dealership. The slim line edgelit interchangeable light-boxes strategically hung within the offices of the dealership's sales personnel. These innovative light-boxes serve a dual purpose. First and foremost, they invigorate the working environment, infusing it with a contemporary and vibrant energy. The dynamic nature of the light-boxes allows for effortless image swaps, enabling the dealership to periodically refresh its interior aesthetics, ensuring the ambiance remains invigorated and aligned with the brand's ethos.


Tim-Tim appreciates the slim line light-boxes as a valuable investment

The slim line light-boxes are slick, modern and should be strategically positioned in the right place at the right time. Central to this design is the use of specially curated light-box paper. Engineered for optimal translucency, it ensures that the vibrant printed graphics radiate with uniform illumination, casting a consistent and enticing glow. Through this thoughtful integration, iSpace not only enhances the visual appeal of the retail stores interiors but also underscores the transformative power of innovative design in shaping conducive advertising in-side the expensive retail environment. 


iSpace's seamless light-boxes where design meets functionality

In the world of visual displays, the subtleties often make the most significant impact. iSpace's innovation, the slim line edgelit interchangeable light-boxes, stands as a testament to this philosophy. The accompanying photo offers a close-up of the lightbox extrusion edge, elegantly finished in an anodised aluminium sheen. What immediately captures attention is the meticulous attention to detail in design. The face panel of the light-box effortlessly slots into the frame's sides, resulting in a flawless and seamless edge. Magnets discreetly embedded within the frame hold the face panels securely in place. 


Outdoor slim light-boxes under canopy overhead

This ceiling hung and double sided unit was used as retail store branding under cover outdoors, the magnetic faces are designed to easily open up. This ingenious mechanism ensures that graphics can be effortlessly swapped, allowing for dynamic and adaptable displays without compromising on the sleek design. With these light-boxes, iSpace has masterfully merged form and function, offering a solution that is as visually captivating as it is user-friendly. The beauty of this light-box in the photo was already made up and in stock in a standard size, so the project could be turned around in a few days. 


Illuminated menu boards where innovation meets appetite

iSpace continues to redefine the boundaries of signage with the slim line edgelit menu boards. Crafted with precision inside their state-of-the-art factory, these expansive units are not your average menu displays. The menu boards feature interchangeable graphic panels, ensuring that establishments can effortlessly update their offerings or promotions. This flexibility is complemented by a robust grip mechanism, ensuring that menus stay firmly in place despite frequent changes. Each graphic panel is lit-up, bringing forth vivid and tantalising imagery to life. These professionally photographed visuals, often a significant investment for print media menus, find a renewed purpose in this dynamic display. 


Double-Sided edgelit marvel at UNSW optometry store

In a cutting-edge collaboration with the UNSW Optometry Specialist Store, iSpace introduces its sleek double-sided edgelit lightbox. Crafted with precision, this slimline masterpiece is a mere 53mm thick, designed to hang elegantly from the ceiling. Its strategic placement near the store window ensures a dual impact: captivating imagery for in-store patrons and prominent branding visible to passersby. The genius of this design lies in its duality. Internally, the illuminated graphics serve as compelling advertising, drawing customers deeper into the store's offerings. Externally, the brand's identity shines brightly, establishing an unmistakable presence right at the heart of the bustling UNSW campus.


Double-Sided edgelit Magic at Gelatissimo

Step into Gelatissimo, and you're greeted by more than just the aroma of freshly churned gelato. iSpace's ingenious double-sided edgelit lightbox, hanging gracefully from the ceiling. A slender 53mm in thickness, this state-of-the-art lightbox serves as the store's dynamic menu board, inviting customers to indulge in a visual feast before selecting their favourite flavours. With easily interchangeable graphics, Gelatissimo can swiftly update its offerings, showcasing new, tantalising flavours with vibrant illumination. It's not just about aesthetics; it's a savvy business move. The cost-effective nature of this advertising medium ensures that Gelatissimo receives maximum return on investment.


iSpace illuminates Armani's elegance with precision

Making a lasting impression is paramount. iSpace, renowned for its cutting-edge signage solutions, collaborated with the iconic Emporio Armani to craft bespoke slimline edgelit interchangeable light-boxes. Strategically positioned within the retail space, these luminous displays serve as more than just decorative elements; they are powerful brand ambassadors. Their strategic placement ensures that every customer interaction is elevated, deepening the bond between Emporio Armani and its discerning clientele.For a brand like Emporio Armani, understanding the nuances of customer engagement is crucial.  In this synergy of style and technology we believe it's a smart investment for a retailer who wants to use there wall space effectively. 


iSpace illuminates parking spaces with dynamic advertising

Navigating through a bustling car parking lot can be a mundane experience, but what if each parking space held a captivating message? iSpace revolutionises outdoor advertising with its innovative slimline edgelit interchangeable light-boxes. Designed with a dual-sided display and strategically mounted on sturdy poles for optimal visibility and safety, these illuminated posters transform parking areas into vibrant advertising arenas. These luminous displays serve as an engaging communication platform. Retailers within the adjacent mall leverage this unique advertising space to broadcast special offers.


Slim line light-boxes used by the hair dressing industry

With iSpace's cutting-edge technology and commitment to quality, these light-boxes ensure that the messages shine bright, even in the busiest of environments. As brands strive to capture attention in innovative ways, iSpace's illuminated advertising solution emerges as a beacon of creativity, effectively bridging the gap between commerce and consumer. iSpace expertise lie in crafting visually striking and impactful signage which amplifies a brand's message, fostering a memorable and professional shopping experience.we have over 100 units in stock ready for sale or hire in various sizes, call us today to discuss. 


iSpace illuminates street presence for Wicked Weasel with edgy signage

First impressions matter, and iSpace ensures brands make a lasting one. Enter the realm of the iconic Byron Bay brand, Wicked Weasel, renowned for its sizzling swimwear collections. To amplify its street presence and capture the imagination of passersby, Wicked Weasel turned to iSpace's slimline edgelit interchangeable light-boxes. Positioned strategically on either side of the store's entrance, these luminous posters feature striking visuals of confident models donning the latest swimwear designs. The radiant glow not only accentuates the allure of the products but also creates a magnetic pull for the busy street's foot traffic.


iSpace lights up sports events with dynamic beer special Adverts

When the roar of the crowd fills the air and sports enthusiasts gather, iSpace ensures that thirst is quenched with unbeatable beer specials. Introducing our slimline edgelit interchangeable light-boxes, designed specifically for short-term advertising bursts during sporting events. These luminous posters don't just shine bright; they broadcast irresistible beer specials in a captivating display. Positioned strategically, the vibrant illumination ensures that the message is unmissable, beckoning fans to grab their favourite brew at unbeatable prices. An idea begins with a vision and understanding of utilising the correct message to capture consumers attention.


iSpace illuminates Mars brand presence with sleek light-boxes

When it comes to making a sweet statement, Mars, the renowned confectionery brand, trusts iSpace's innovative signage solutions. We've crafted slimline edgelit interchangeable light-boxes that not only radiate elegance but also effectively communicate Mars' unmistakable branding. Positioned strategically outside retail stores, these illuminated posters serve as a beacon, reminding passersby of the delectable Mars product range available inside. It's not just about visibility; it's about creating an inviting aura that beckons chocolate lovers and brand enthusiasts alike. Mars ensures its presence is felt both day and night, reinforcing brand loyalty and enticing customers to indulge in their favourite treats.


Strategically positioned slim light-boxes in the right place

The result with our slimline light boxes that stand out day and nioght are a winning play for venues looking to score big on turnover. With iSpace's innovative signage solution, sports events become not just about the game, but also about the unbeatable offers that keep fans returning for more. Cheers to smart advertising that converts foot traffic into loyal customers. The light-boxes can be easily re-located if required, so they stand as a smart investment which can be seen as an asset to the venue. Adding to this is the as long lasting construction using excellent high quality materials in the manufacturing of the slim light-boxes.