Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Signs

In the world of premium signage, stainless stands out for its brilliance, authenticity, and association with opulence. When used in signage, stainless exudes a stylish look and feel of luxury and permanence, elevating the overall aesthetic. A mirror polished stainless steel finish unequivocally conveys a sense of integrity and assurance. The radiance of stainless not only adds style and beauty but also imparts an exclusive quality to the signage, creating an impression of permanence, giving off an air of timeless elegance to any environment. In the world of signage, nothing captivates attention quite like mirror-finished stainless steel.

The expensive look and style of stainless steel signs make it an excellent choice for architectural lettering, logos, and various forms of upscale signage makes it a strategic long-term investment in signage.

Stainless signage, with its shimmering silver appearance, commands attention and instantly lends credibility to any brand. Mirror polished stainless steel signs represent a pinnacle of sophistication and modern design, seamlessly blending aesthetic appeal with durability. The mirror polishing of stainless steel creates a highly reflective surface, resembling a true mirror, embodying an exquisite flawless reflection in silver. Stainless steel, with its mirror-polished surface, transcends the conventional, standing as a choice for various compelling reasons.  

Our stainless steel signs epitomise prestige, captivate attention, highlighting the innate beauty of the metal, reminiscent of the captivating allure found in fine jewellery. Imposing and striking, these signs command attention with their gleaming surfaces. However, the reflective nature of the mirror polish demands attention to readability, requiring experienced sign designers for optimal layout and placement. Esteemed corporations worldwide opt for bespoke stainless steel signage to cultivate a consistent and distinguished identity. The premium quality of these signs ensures seamless integration with diverse colour palettes, leaving an enduring impression. Stainless steel is renowned for its exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion.

iSpace's mirror-polished stainless steel signs boast a flawlessly elegant finish, demonstrating exquisite craftsmanship and a touch of refinement to any setting. iSpace’s stainless steel mirror-polished signs and logos embody prestige, symbolising professionalism with an aesthetic appeal transcending industry boundaries. These signs exude a premium aesthetic that is synonymous with luxury and high-end establishments. Mirror polished stainless steel requires minimal maintenance to retain its lustre. The reflective nature of mirror polished stainless steel signs makes them impressive in various lighting conditions. Whether in natural sunlight or artificial lighting, these signs capture and reflect the ambient light, enhancing their visual impact.

When crafting stainless signage, it involves the use of solid materials, available in various thicknesses ranging from 1.6mm to 10mm – including options like 2mm, 3mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 10mm. These materials serve as the foundation for constructing intricate logos and letter shapes available in almost any size or font. Regarding artwork we can replicate custom fonts or design custom artwork with our knowledge of graphic design software.

iSpace takes pride in offering an array of options, with decorative plaques and 3D signage emerging as popular choices.  When a thicker 3d style stainless steel letters are required we have to fabricate the stainless steel into any thickness. The manufacturing cost is influenced by the thickness of the stainless steel substrates. The detailed production costs rise as material becomes thicker. However, the visual impact also increases, providing a more substantial and impressive appearance. Our skilled artisans employ a meticulous process, steel cut letters and logos with 90-degree edges using precision laser and water-jet-cut equipment to fabricate these signs. Depending on either solid or fabricated style this creates a distinctive different look.

In manufacturing the fabricated built up mirror polished stainless steel lettering, the process is commenced by laser cutting the faces, followed by the intricate task of forming the sides of the letter shapes through precise hand welding and hand polishing. This technique results in impeccably shaped letters, giving the illusion of being crafted from a single, solid piece of metal. The labor-intensive process involved in the manufacturing ensures no visible joints, presenting a flawless final product akin to a piece of exquisite jewellery.

Mirror polished stainless signs offer versatility in application. iSpace provides the option to weld pins to the rear of the letters, allowing them to gracefully stand-out away from the wall giving the signs a three-dimensional look. 

Mounting options for stainless steel signs include:

  • Mounting flush to wall surface
  • Raised beyond the wall with spacers creating a “floating” effect
  • Solid smaller set of logos and letters, placed underneath the main mirror polished stainless steel signs, results in a seamlessly final look.


What distinguishes our offerings, and justifies the premium invested, is our meticulous attention to detail in machining and hand polishing to perfection, and the patented nano finish of the final product, it’s like comparing a counterfeit imitation “Rolex”and an authentic original.

Stainless signs are a great choice for signage creating a long-lasting impression, making them a durable investment that lasts for decades. The incorporation of reflecting light and angles adds a dimension of depth, turning each sign into a masterpiece that speaks volumes about the brand it represents. The rarity of these reflective creations commands attention when encountered, making them a unique and attention-grabbing addition to any space. iSpace proudly supplies its range of products worldwide, elevating your brand from the ordinary to the extraordinary, making your brand not just seen but truly impressive.


Prada metal letter signage with a mirror polish and illumination

Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Fabricated Letters

Mirror polished stainless steel letterings with pin fixings


Highly mirrored & polished stainless steel direct stuck to mirror behind

mirror polished stainless steel engraved plaque

Stunning mirror polished engraved stainless steel plaque sign


Individual solid 5mm mirror polished reception sign


Hand fabricated mirror polished stainless steel signage


Mirror polished steel sign with backlit illumination in Surry Hills


Thick stainless steel construction with illumination for a hotel group


Mirror fabricated stainless steel sign in production


Investment company realise the value in mirror polished signage

6mm-solid-stainless-steel-mirror-polished-with pin-fixings

Thick solid mirror polished stainless steel logo in production


Mirror polished stainless steel signs manufactured in large quantities


Mirror polished 3d stainless steel signs with a halo glow


Mirror polished stainless steel letters directly attached to glass frontage


Fabricated stainless steel letters with 3d acrylic letters attached

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