illuminated Letters with Raised Acrylic Faces

Stand out from the crowd to the next level up in illuminated signage, being more expensive in production, call this the “Lamborghini” of 3d illuminated letters in signage. Get creative with this style of illuminated letter, which is more grandiose in design and stature creates a striking 3D effect adding depth and dimension to your signage, elevating your brand, make a lasting impression.

For a personalised touch to your signage our impressive 3D effect raised acrylic letters are often used in signage for effective business solutions for more bold increased three dimensional appearance adding an extra level, layer of visibility and attractiveness.

The Key Features include:

Aesthetic Advantage and Appeal: The raised letters provide enhanced visibility, especially from a distance. The combination of raised letters and illumination adds a modern and even more of an eye-catching element to the signage. Even more eye-catching bold statement with your signage which boosts your brand's visibility. The edges also illuminate as a feature to diffuse the light more, so the edges and faces are illuminated. Brighter illumination results than non-raised edges.

Consider the acrylic thickness options:  The thickness of the acrylic selected and the type of LED lights and their placement, create a different desired lighting dispersion effect, which can result in a very different outcome to the finished illuminated letters appearance.

illumination Aspect: The light extends to the edge and the acrylic letters. This technique creates illumination, from the top and sides increasing the illumination output factor.  

Material Options: The bottom part of the letter sides of the illuminated letters are fabricated using a variety of different metal options including stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper, bronze, titanium, etc.

Versatile Customisation: Tailor your signage to perfection! Select from an array of fonts, custom shaped logos, sizes, and metal finishes to create a personalised statement that aligns seamlessly with your brand identity.

Metal Finish Options: The side metal sections of the letters can be customised with various finishes, such as mirror polished, brushed finish, sandblasted, spray-painted edges in satin, gloss, matte finish, or electroplated. The desired look can allow for diversity in finishes opening up a wide range of design possibilities.

LED Module Variety: The 3d raised acrylic tops are identical in size to the base units which house the led lighting. Various types of LED modules are available, including coloured LEDs and colour-changing LEDs with different temperatures. Working with the full spectrum of white LEDs can produce diverse lighting effects.

LED Lighting Placement: The light emitted by the LEDs shines through the acrylic layer, providing even and even brighter illumination. Due to the light source directly transmitting through the faces and sides of the letters, this creates an extremely bright illumination result.

Depth Variations: The depth of the acrylic style can influence the final results. Different thicknesses of acrylic can produce varying levels of illumination, allowing for customisation based on the desired look.

Avoiding Bright Spots: Professional sign makers recognise the importance of maintaining an optimal distance between the LED lighting and the acrylic to avoid issues like bright spots or a dotted effect. Careful placement is crucial for achieving uniform illumination.

Frosted Acrylic: Specially designed frosted acrylic is used to maximise the transmission of light, creating a glowing effect. This type of acrylic enhances the overall illumination and appearance of the letters.

Durability: Acrylic is a durable material that can withstand weather conditions for both indoor and outdoor applications which ensure longevity.

Mounting Options: Front-lit illuminated letters can be wall-mounted, mounted onto a framed backing board, ceiling-mounted in different configurations or ledge-mounted with the base on a platform

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Elevated acrylic for illuminated signage letters


3D illuminated letters with premium acrylic raised faces


Raised frosted white acrylic faces on metal signage logo


Thick illuminated frosted white acrylic illuminated letter


Raised 3d acrylic illuminated signage made in metal


illuminated front-lit "SKETCHER" signage raised faces for 3d effect


Brilliant premium illuminated signage with ultra-thick acrylic faces


illuminated signage with white acrylic faces in 3d style


Thick frosted acrylic standing proud of metal letter signage


Logo shape with raised acrylic faces creating 3d illuminated sign


illuminated signage custom-made ceiling hung with drop down bracket


Adidas light up signage lettering with white acrylic faces


Sharp illuminated signage for reception office area by iSpace


Sharp close up showing 3d raised illuminated faces


Sharp signage with acrylic faces raised above the metal letter sides


Sports retailer with double feature illuminated signage


DIOR absolutely top notch 3D style illuminated signage


Individual illuminated signage letters for retail environment

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