Glass Signs

Transforming corporate branding into dynamic glass displays. Elevate your brand with 3d lettering and logo's applied to glass signs.

In business signage, where first impressions are paramount, the choice of materials plays a crucial role in conveying a brand's identity bringing corporate logos to life on glass. Among the diverse options available, glass signs stand out for their timeless beauty, versatility, and durability, combining transparency with elegance, producing a captivating result that offers businesses an opportunity to stand out. 

The unique aesthetic and practical advantages of using glass signs for business signage glass signs creates a sleek and modern aesthetic, iSpace has pioneered a distinctive style, which involves utilising glass as the backdrop, enhanced with beautiful slick stainless steel premium fixing bolt pins for a chic and polished appearance, which holds the 10mm polished glass panels with polished edges, to the wall surface. We then add 3d dimensional letters and logo shapes. Made by laser-cutting and hand spray-painting the letters and logo shapes, matching precisely to pantone colours, adding a touch of brilliance to their appearance, resulting in up-market corporate signage. 

What distinguishes our 3d glass sign product, and justifies the premium investment, is our meticulous attention to detail in the finished products visible appearance. This process involves machining, treating sanding, spraying and final top coating of the logo and letters all the elements to perfection. It’s like comparing a counterfeit imitation “Rolex”and an authentic original. The finish of each letter character looks like a 3d pieces of art. 

The stainless steel stand off fixing bolts imported from Europe comes in various sizes and finishes so suit the size of the signage piece.  

The aesthetic appeal of glass signage is unmatched if you love glass and you can relocate your signage down the track with ease, making it a wise investment. The glass sign becomes and an asset to the organisation for the life of the business. The transparent nature of glass allows for a clean, uncluttered appearance, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to convey a sense of sophistication and professionalism. 

Glass signs have the unique advantage of interacting with light in captivating ways. Contribute to a visually appealing and welcoming atmosphere to create unique and eye-catching display. The interplay of light and shadow on glass creates a natural 3-dimensional effect, and casts a shadow behind the glass sign onto the wall surface, providing a fantastic visual impact. The reflective nature of glass enhances logos and makes brands sparkle. 

Signage is a powerful tool to shape perceptions, office reception signage can really distinguish your business, and increase turnover while reinforcing your brand. Glass signs are excellent for conveying a sense of transparency and openness, reflecting positively on a brand's values. Contrary to common misconceptions, glass signs are durable and resistant to the elements when properly treated, not only visually appealing but also robust ensuring the longevity of the signage and preserving its aesthetic appeal over time. Tempered toughened glass is a safety feature. Cleaning and maintaining glass signs is relatively simple compared to other materials.  

In today’s competitive world, it's not just about catching the eye; it's about using 3d non-illuminated metal signage and signs to stimulate conversation, create enthusiasm where signage becomes an effective marketing communication tool.  With our own manufacturing plant equipped with the latest technology, iSpace tailors solutions for each project ensuring perfection in every sign, crafted by passionate artisans who prioritise excellence. Collaborating closely with clients, iSpace, specialises in the conception, creation, installation of glass signage projects, covering a wide range of retail, commercial, and architectural signage for office reception areas, schools, universities, and other branding expressions.

With a nationwide network of qualified installers, iSpace ensures quick and hassle-free signage installations. In a world where visual communication is key, the transparency and elegance of glass signs continue to captivate and leave a lasting impression on customers and clients alike.


Glass Signage with acrylic custom sprayed logo details


Large custom-made glass signage for the retail environment


Large bold glass signs with 3D raised company logos


Glass Signs with stand off metal bolts in office reception


Glass signage with stainless steel fixing bolts for a trade show


Custom-made 3d branding as a glass reception sign


Glass Sign with 3d acrylic lettering custom sprayed


Glass sign with 3d logo for coffee branding in-store


Glass sign with fabricated stainless steel logo details


Glass signage in reception area of hotel environment


Glass sign with vinyl lettering as the graphic


Signage in glass custom made with 3d details for office area


Glass signage with custom-made signage in layers with 3d logo


Outdoor glass sign with 3M vinyl film with stainless steel bolts


Digitally printed images mounted onto glass sign wall mounted


Glass signage with logo in relief with stand off fixings


Glass sign incorporating glass neon tubing into the design


Wall mounted glass sign with digital printed blend in the logo


Custom made glass sign with logo in 3d acrylic lettering


3d custom made glass business sign with logo graphic


Glass sign with multiple brands for government department


Glass signage with router cut 3d lettering in reception area


Glass sign with 3d logo and beautiful stainless steel stand-ff bolts


Glass signage re-moveable and re-positionable

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