illuminated Letters with Rim Style Edges

Immerse your outdoor signage with a touch of sophistication and class.  Signage Letters featuring a sleek metal rim. Crafted with precision and designed to captivate, these letters seamlessly blend modern aesthetics with timeless charm. This design not only provides a unique and stylish appearance, resembling jewellery, but it also offers practical benefits for outdoor signage.  

The ease of mounting and the straightforward maintenance make these letters an excellent choice for designers, architects, and consumers. Our confidence stems from a competitive advantage in metal fabrication quality, offering unique fabricated letters that reflect our 27 years of knowledge and experience. We proudly present simply brilliantly illuminated letters, logos, signs and signage. Let the buyer be aware of cheaply produced inferior alternatives.

The Key Features of rim-style edge illuminated letters include:

Aesthetic Appeal: These illuminated letters feature a unique distinctive design with metal edges neatly welded in a rim-style border that forms a beading. This creates a border that surrounds the complete letter edges in what’s called a rim-style edge. This border provides space to bond the acrylic faces, creating an opal translucent rimmed face. The acrylic faces are bonded inside the edges, forming a unified unit. The thin border enhances the appearance and contrasts with the illuminated letter. This style involves a base with 90-degree edges housing LED lighting modules, and a top box section attached with visible screws, resembling an inserted lid on a "shoe box."

Outdoor High-End Result: The craftsmanship process ensures sharp lines, avoiding any fuzziness in the appearance of the letters. The precision in the manufacture of these rim-style edge letters creates a bold and stylish effect.

illumination Aspect: The light extends to the edge where the rim meets the acrylic. This technique involves intricate details in the manufacturing process to feature enhanced visibility and adds a dynamic element to the overall design.

Material Options: The sides of the crisp rim-style illuminated letters are fabricated using a variety of different metal options including stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper, bronze, titanium, etc.

Versatile Customisation: Tailor your signage to perfection! Select from an array of fonts, custom-shaped logo, sizes, and metal finishes to create a personalised statement that aligns seamlessly with your brand identity.

Metal Finish Options: The side metal sections of the letters can be customised with various finishes, such as mirror polished, brushed finish, sandblasted, spray-painted edges in satin, gloss, matte finish, or electroplated. The desired look can allow for diversity in finishes opening up a wide range of design possibilities.

LED Module Variety: Various types of LED modules are available, including coloured LEDs and colour-changing LEDs with different temperatures. Working with the full spectrum of white LEDs can produce diverse lighting effects.

LED Lighting Placement: The light emitted by the LEDs shines through the acrylic layer, providing even illumination. Due to the light source directly transmitting through the faces of the letters, this creates an extremely bright illumination result.

Depth Variations: The depth of the acrylic style can influence the final results. Different thicknesses of acrylic can produce varying levels of illumination, allowing for customisation based on the desired look.

Avoiding Bright Spots: Professional sign makers recognise the importance of maintaining an optimal distance between the LED lighting and the acrylic to avoid issues like bright spots or a dotted effect. Careful placement is crucial for achieving uniform illumination.

Frosted Acrylic: Specially designed frosted acrylic is used to maximise the transmission of light, creating a glowing effect. This type of acrylic enhances the overall illumination and appearance of the letters.

Translucent Color Vinyl: Translucent colour vinyl can be applied to the face of the letters. This allows for the creation of different colour shading effects, adding versatility to the design.

Mounting Options: Front-lit illuminated letters can be wall-mounted, mounted onto a framed backing board, ceiling-mounted in different configurations, or ledge-mounted with the base on a platform

Maintenance: Very easy to access for regular maintenance to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your backlit signage.

Lighting Control: Implementing lighting control systems allows for flexibility in adjusting the brightness and timing of the backlighting. This feature can be particularly useful for adapting to different lighting conditions.

Weather-Resistant: Conquer the elements without compromising style. These letters are built to withstand outdoor conditions, ensuring your message remains bold and beautiful through sun, rain, or snow.

Easy Installation: Our Signage Letters are designed with convenience in mind. Effortlessly install them on walls, or any desired surface with our user-friendly mounting system. We offer professional installation adhering to safety regulations if required.

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OMEGA brass illuminated signage on shopfront looking world class !


Brass mirror polished illuminated letters with red glowing faces


Stainless steel with rim-style edges illuminated with 6500k lighting


"BALLY" free standing metal illuminated letters with polished edges


Stylish fabricated illuminated 3d signage letters for "BOSE"


Translucent blue glowing illuminated signage in aged brass metal letters


Aluminium illuminated signage lettering with a brushed effect


Lit-up illuminated lettering in final testing phase in our factory


illuminated trade show signage in a gaming exhibition


International franchise illuminated metal signage


Large metal illuminated building signage for hotel group


Raised acrylic faces inside stainless steel edges for illuminated signage


Close up showing illuminated signage with thick raised frosted acrylic


Unique custom-made illuminated store front signage


Warm white illuminated signage letters & logos with boarder edges


Fabricated mirror polished metal letters with front-lit illumination


Lit-up signage custom-made metal letters painted to a PMS colour


Large illuminated signage metal letters with easy access for maintenance

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