Signage Design & Documentation

Signage design plays a crucial role in guiding effective communication by informing, and engaging audiences. Signage is a versatile tool that communicates messages quickly and efficiently. Signage serves a variety of purposes, ranging from providing directions and conveying information to promoting brands and enhancing the overall aesthetic of a space and user experience.

Clear and legible text is the foundation of effective signage. The typeface, font size, and contrast should be chosen carefully to ensure readability from various distances and under different lighting conditions. Consistent use of colours, fonts, and design elements helps in creating a cohesive brand image. Signage should be strategically placed for maximum visibility, taking into account factors such as eye level, distance, and potential obstructions.

Understanding the specific goals of a signage project is fundamental to creating designs that resonate with the intended audience. We use narrative as a thread to weave through the environment, with moments of ‘wow’ to stir curiosity and wonder, enhancing the experience and encouraging people to engage and share.  Signage and its design should align with the overall visual identity of a space or brand.

Well thought-out signage should complement the overall aesthetic of its surroundings and should harmonise with the environment.

From start-ups to established enterprises, our experienced team have worked on some of the largest brands unlocking the full potential of the business. Our custom signage design takes your creative brief and turns ideas into transformative signage designs. Our work takes a strong lead from 3d forms and dimensionality provides an important through-line in all of our projects.

Once a scope of work has been agreed upon, our talented design team begin by working through “Design Development” We engage the narrative of each location through engaging imagery and messaging, using bespoke materials and signage techniques for a unique experience. The importance of a well-thought-out approach combines all touch points to fuse experiences which are meaningful, connected and integrated. A critical consideration in signage design is the physical environment, necessitating strategic placement for maximum visibility. 

We place a great deal of importance on creating a visual appearance between the built environment and sign forms while using timeless design. We walk through the spaces with you to get a feel for the architecture and scale, and then focus on creating engaging signage aimed at ensuring a meaningful and comprehensive solution by connecting signage experiences to architecture.

Factors such as eye-level distances and potential obstructions are meticulously taken into account to seamlessly integrate signage into its surroundings. Our solutions cover larger “Signage Families” which are closely related in look and feel and signage illumination advice as part of our comprehensive offering.

Signage design faces challenges, such as information overload, cultural considerations, and the need to balance capturing attention and providing information efficiently. A focal point in the design process, where visual appeal meets practical functionality.

We collaborate to build brands with architects, property developers, construction teams, engineers and clients alike by tailoring our work to suit each client’s unique needs to design a stunning end-to-end custom signage program.

Our signage design service include:
  • Conceptual design
  • Photo realistic Mock-up’s 
  • Technical Design
  • Signage Spécification Sheets / Visual Proofs 
  • Signage Documentation / Signage Style Guidelines 
  • Final production ready artwork files


To communicate this clearly we offer drafting and using compositional drawings to visually communicate accurate functions and design constructions. Technical specifications and layouts are presented in real contexts, allowing clients to visualise the signage in its intended space, bringing the vision to life, and ensuring a seamless integration into the environment. We have an extensive sample range for rapid prototyping during our concept design process. We also manufacture prototypes and samples for approval prior to production if required. Our clients feedback at this critical stage as this dictates the direction the project will go.

The iSpace Design Team distinguishes itself utilising bespoke materials and innovative signage techniques to deliver a distinctive experience. We add value by positioning the business to engage and connect creating new opportunities and attracting new audiences with signage that will grow your business. We focus on building brand equity by creating memorable visuals with signage increasing brand recognition and ultimately generating inquiries. 

Contact us today to embark on a creative journey that transforms your ideas into artistic signage masterpieces.